Your Cat May Be Independent, But It Still Needs Your Love and Attention

Your Cat May Be Independent, But It Still Needs Your Love and Attention - The California Beach Co.

Cats are known for being mysterious creatures. While dogs cling onto their owners for dear life, cats notoriously do their own thing. They play hard to get, enjoy their space, and remain aloof in most situations. 

Can humans connect with cats like they do with dogs? If you’re a cat owner, we’re here to tell you that understanding your pet is possible. Here’s a list of some common cat body languages, along with their decoded meanings. It may not seem like it, but your cat wants to connect, too!

Cats Aren’t Afraid to Be Vocal

Listen carefully — your cat’s vocals can tell you exactly what’s going on with them. Purring is typically a cat’s way of saying they’re content; however, this can also happen when they’re feeling sick and trying to comfort themselves. Meowing is essentially how a cat asks questions. Through this noise, they’re expressing their wants, needs, and concerns. If you hear hissing or grumbling, take it as a clear sign of aggression. 

A Cat’s Tail Can Be a Clue

Watching your cat’s tail is probably the easiest way to get a clue about how they’re feeling. If he or she is scared, their tail will puff up and look bristly — this is a sign of avoiding confrontation. Fully submitting is reflected in a tucked tail. If you’ve got a curious cat on your hands, their tail will subtly twitch with interest. If you see a tail that swishes back and forth, know that your cat is not interested, or worse, they're probably annoyed. 

Fight or Flight

In this instance, cats are not much different than people. If they find themselves in a tiff with another animal, they’ve got two options: fight or flight. If a cat is feeling dominant or needs to show that they mean business, they’ll go into fight mode. However, if they’re feeling fearful, there’s a good chance they’ll retreat into their safe place, wherever that may be, as a way to declare flight mode. 

Love Rubs

Believe it or not, cats need and crave physical affection. When a cat rubs it’s cheeks on you, they’re actively seeking your love and attention. Awwww. In addition, they’re intentionally leaving their scent on you while they do this, showing the world that your heart belongs to them. 

Learn Your Cat’s Codes

Cats may not be well-known for being warm and inviting, but they can be! It's all about the way the owner interprets and "raises" them. They want to communicate with their owners just as much as any other pet does. By understanding some of your cat’s go-to body language moves, you’ll gain a better relationship with your pet.