Introducing Pop N' Go

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The World’s Best Playpen

Compact & Portable

The most compact, portable, and easy to use kids playpen on the market.

Easy to set up

Newly patented “pop up” and “pop down” technology makes it easy for the elderly to use with their grandkids.


Made from the highest quality materials like fiberglass & weave-mesh to ensure it lasts for years.

Transporting The Pop N' Go

This is the most compact pop up playpen ever created.

Comes with a portable shoulder strap bag that take up minimal space, making transporting it very easy.

New Patented Pop Up Design

This extremely fast and easy pop up design is like no other.

Built with high quality fiberglass and weave-mesh to last for years.

Your little ones will make this their personal clubhouse.

Stable Design

The hexagon design ensures that it will never tip over.


Self-inflating mattress can be added for additional padding and support.


Can even be used perfectly for pets!

Perfect For Children & Pets

Can be used for babies and kids up to age 5 or 6. It is  ASTM International & SGS Safety Certified.

Works well indoors & outdoors! Comes with a shade cover so that you can take it anywhere – the yard, the park, or the beach!

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