Holiday Gift Ideas for Future Family Adventures

Holiday Gift Ideas for Future Family Adventures - The California Beach Co.

The holiday season is officially here!

Everything is shining gold, sparkling silver, and eye-popping hues of red and green. It’s a beautiful season of family delights, but it’s also stressful.

How can you possibly find the best gift ideas!? What options do you have, and how do you give something that keeps giving?

Well, the first step is to relax!

California Beach Company has your back. Keep reading to find the best gift ideas for your adventurous family! These are the perfect gifts for any on-the-go group — whether you’re camping, hiking, or just having fun. And don’t worry about not being “outdoorsy folks.” Everyone will love these gifts because each one is a real travel game-changer.

The Big-Ticket Top Picks

Every tree has that special gift. Everyone has that one sentimental gift that sticks out in the memories, and it’s time to find your kids’ perfect gift!

It’s the big box with the massive bow and gorgeous wrapping paper, eagerly awaiting little hands to rip it open and reveal its inner glory.

This year, get the gift that keeps giving to everyone! These picks are perfect additions to your camping gear or as kid-friendly diversions for family and friends. They’ve all beloved by kids, but they really shine when it’s time to keep the kids safe and busy for a bit.

To help you out, these are our top picks for this season’s best gifts! 

1. The Pop 'N Go Playpen

The tent-like Pop 'N Go Playpan in Sunset Orange, one of four colors.It’s a camping gift, a family backpacking necessity, and a wonderful adventure tent. It’s our Pop ’N Go Playpen, the world’s favorite magical pop-up campsite for kids.

Parents love its easy set-up; kids adore the cozy interior. It’s the perfect way to keep kids safe at any campground, and its mosquito-proof netting ensures the little ones enjoy a bug-free romp in the great outdoors.

It’s also the perfect “hiding spot” for family movie nights and make-believe. Think of it as the ultimate base for your future pillow forts.

And don’t let the lightweight construction fool you! This kid-sized tent is a durable, must-have pick for on-the-go families.

2. The EEZ-Y 7-Foot Pantone Umbrella

The bright blue EEZ-U umbrella.

Looking for another way to unplug those electronics?

Reviews are in on our EEZ-Y 7-Foot Pantone Umbrella, and they’re glowing!

Like the Pop ’N Go Playpen, the EEZ-Y umbrella is a lightweight and easy-to-use solution to an eternal camping problem. It only takes three steps to protect your family from summer heat and pesky springtime showers. To make the deal even sweeter, every umbrella comes with a handy carrying bag.

So, go ahead! Plan a last-minute picnic dinner. Nobody can rain on your parade!

3. The California Voyager Blanket

The campsite-friendly California Voyager blanket and carrying pouch kit.What’s soft, safe, and perfect for your next camping trip?

It’s the California Voyager Blanket! This massive 7×7-foot blanket is more than a camping gift. It’s the perfect addition to long flights, lengthy road trips, and cozy bedtimes. Its machine-washable plush finish makes it a delightful addition to indoor events and gatherings.

But — should the need arise — its weighted corners and sand-proof finish make it the perfect addition to any family camp. You can add additional security by bringing its four additional stakes, included with its convenient carrying pouch.

4. Pop ‘N Go Pets

The blue Pop 'N Go for Pets tent.Finally, we can’t forget our four-legged friends!

Make the season a delight for every member of the family with our Pop ‘N Go kit for pets!

Like the classic kid-friendly Pop ‘N Go, the pet version features easy-to-clean UV-resistant fabric. Its zippered front ensures our four-legged pals enjoy fun in the sun without the added hassle of fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlers. More importantly, it has the same durable aluminum construction to guarantee your best pal’s safety.

And what about the weight? It’s another lightweight win for Pop ‘N Go! At just 5 pounds, this portable tent is just another must-have addition to any family backpacking adventure.

Simply put, it’s the life of the outdoors, conveniently packaged for your family’s best friend.

Small Gift Ideas to Wow the Whole Family

Finally, we have some ideas to fill those stockings. These picks are perfect “little” gifts. They may not be the highlight of the night, but they’ll win plenty of praise. They’re also perfect for advent calendars!

1. Play World at the Zoo

The Play World at the Zoo kit, showing multiple wooden cut-out animals.

This on-the-go playset is a great addition to any last-minute outing. Its lovable wooden characters delight kids and campers alike, providing endless entertainment for our beloved little ones. When they’re done, you can easily round up the animals and store them in the durable cardboard carrying case!

2. GlowCity Light Up Soccer Ball

The GlowCity soccer ball with a warm red light.Finally, we have the perfect way to wrap up a night of family fun! Our GlowCity light-up soccer ball features an array of bright internal LEDs, guaranteeing a unique nighttime experience. It’s another fun addition to any camping trip, and it’s sure to brighten the night for your young campers.

Regardless of what you pick, these gift ideas are sure to delight! We can’t wait to see how your family sparks joy this holiday season. And don’t forget to check the rest of our shop to see what else we have!