4 Amazing Ways the Pop ‘N Go™ Can Make Spring Break Vacations Easier

4 Amazing Ways the Pop ‘N Go™ Can Make Spring Break Vacations Easier - The California Beach Co.

It’s almost time for spring break, and that means it’s time to start planning your next big adventure!

First of all, don’t stress out! The Pop ‘N Go™ Playpen makes traveling with kids easier than ever. It’s the all-around solution to countless everyday problems. Think of it as your on-the-go problem-solver.

Keep scrolling to see four ways Pop ‘N Go™ owners have used their playpen to supercharge their memorable spring break adventures.

dad and girl playing in pop 'n go playpen

1. More Fun in the Sun, Less Bug Bites!

It may seem early for bugs, but your springtime hike can quickly turn into itchy bug bites.

Again: Don’t panic!

Our Pop ‘N Go™ is the perfect solution.

Its breathable mesh walls are more than portals to the great outdoors. They’re a protective layer between your little ones and any nasty bugs that may harm them. Thanks to our innovative Pop ‘N Go™ Play Mat, your kids are also protected from anything on the ground.

For extra protection, we recommend Ranger Ready® permethrin spray. It’s an EPA-certified and child-friendly way to keep your kids safe on the go. Moreover, unlike many products, the Ranger Ready® spray is applied to your clothing,not your skin. And it can be applied to the outer layer of your Pop N’ Go to double up on that anti-bug protection!

2. The On-the-Go Pit Stop

Of course, no nature hike is a non-stop affair. (Unless your little ones are prolifically gifted in the endurance category!) Eventually, everyone gets tired. You’ll need a place to stop, and you won’t always find a convenient spot to do so.


Time to break out your Pop N’ Go™! We’ve already established its bug-proofing, but let’s reiterate its value as a kid-friendly rest stop.

The inflatable play mat will keep your kid comfy, while the durable covering offers UPF 50 protectionand built-in shade. Your little one will feel like royalty, even in the most isolated places. And when you’re done, it takes only three steps to return your Pop ‘N Go™ to its ultra-portable carrying-bag-ready state.pop 'n go shade cover

3. The Rainy Day Hideaway

Now, at this point, you may wonder, “Where are you going that it never rains?”

Unfortunately, there’s no magical rain-free place. (Except, perhaps, for a desert!) You’re bound to run into at least one day of bad weather, and the odds increase with the length of your spring break adventure. It’s always a bummer, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker.

The Pop ‘N Go™ is perfect for indoor use, too! You can even use the Pop ‘N Go™ play mat on its own. Either way, you’ll have an easy-to-clean spot for kids to enjoy even the messiest indoor activities, such as…

  • Arts and crafts to polish their creative skills.
  • Board and card games. Remember the inflatable play mat? It’s as comfy for parents as it is for kids.
  • Make-believe time. The Pop ‘N Go™ is the perfect “fort” for little ones to guard.
  • Sensory time to build motor skills. Ditch the tent for this one and stick to the play mat. You’ll have an easier time keeping a close eye on your little ones.

  • 4. The Storage Master

    Finally, you’ll need somewhere to store things.

    It doesn’t matter where you go, either. You’ll have sandy, sullied clothes at the beach. A trip to the lake will likely net you at least a few waterlogged socks. And don’t get us started on the nightmare of muddied hiking clothes!

    As all new parents quickly learn, dirt follows kids around! (Or is it the other way around?) You’ll need a way to contain those messes, and even the poshest of rentals may be lacking in the “space to clean up a dirt-and-mud-soaked toddler” department.

    Now, remember what we said about the easy-to-clean Pop ‘N Go™?

    That’s right! Your playpen doubles as a secure way to keep those muddy, sandy, or even waterlogged messes from turning into a pricey cleaning fee. Toss any dirtied clothes or toys into your Pop ‘N Go™, zip it up, and let those dirty things sit! When it’s time to go, simply collect your things and toss them in a plastic bag to keep them from ruining any unused clothing.family enjoying beach day in pop 'n go playpen

    Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

    No matter where you go or how you use your Pop ‘N Go™, your spring break adventure is bound to be memorable. Don’t forget to relax and have fun!

    At the end of the day, the little ones won’t care if you missed one or two little points on a crowded itinerary. They’ll remember all the fun and excitement they shared with you!

    So, don’t be afraid to bend the plan. Your Pop ‘N Go™ has your back.