Five Not-Your-Average Items That Every Expecting Mom Needs

Five Not-Your-Average Items That Every Expecting Mom Needs - The California Beach Co.

If you’ve found out you’re expecting, then congratulations are in order! You’re about to enter a magical and memorable time in your life. You can also expect a whirlwind of changes to start immediately — maybe they have already! 

The first pregnancy-related items you’ll bring into your home are the ones that will benefit your baby, and rightfully so. For example, a prenatal vitamin regimen should be discussed with your doctor and implemented promptly. But what about your comfort? What are you doing to care for yourself? In this article, we've listed five not-your-average items that will add ease, comfort, and support to any expecting mom’s pregnancy. 

Lotion Made Specifically for Stretch Marks

Yep, it’s a fact — stretch marks are one of the gifts gained from pregnancy. These badges of honor may never go away; however, there are ways to minimize their appearance and heal the pain caused by them. By diligently using stretch mark lotions or oils, you can cause them to gently fade over time. 

Not-Your-Average Bra

We’re going to take a wild guess here and assume your current bra is just not going to cut it during your pregnancy. Your belly is definitely not the only body part that experiences drastic changes during pregnancy. It’s 100-percent worth it to invest in a maternity bra that not only measures up to your new cup size, but also provides support and comfort to this ever-changing area. 

A Pillow Made Just for Pregnancy

Lounging around is a big part of pregnancy. Whether you’re still going to work or on leave, it’s imperative that you take the time to rest way more than you normally would. Meet your new best friend — the pregnancy pillow. These oversized cushions come in not-your-average shapes, and perfectly conform to the bodies of pregnant women at any stage. 

A Portable Playpen for Baby 

Get ready — getting yourself ready will become an Olympic sport once your little bundle of joy arrives. Tell your girlfriends to hook you up with a portable playpen that can pop up anywhere when you need it. This will create a little safe haven for your kiddo while mama gets some much-needed TLC (or maybe you just need to go to the bathroom in peace)... 

Supportive Shoes

Oof, pregnancy is not going to be nice to your feet. We’re sorry in advance for the pressure and discomfort you’ll feel, especially in your third trimester. You may not be able to kick this side effect away completely; however, a pair of extra-supportive shoes will be your saving grace when the time comes. 

You Got This!

We hope this handful of insider tips helps! Pregnancy is definitely not easy, but there are ways to ease some of your new concerns. You were made for this, mama!