4 Amazing Ways to Use Your New Pop ‘n Go™️

4 Amazing Ways to Use Your New Pop ‘n Go™️ - The California Beach Co.

It may not seem like it, but spring and summer are just around the corner! Soon, your family will be prepping for balmy beachside getaways and fun outdoor activities. That’s why we made our beloved Pop ‘N Go™️ playpen! It’s perfectly designed to keep your little ones safe!

But it’s more than a playpen. It’s the perfect way to meet many needs, and we’ve rounded up our fans’ top four practical uses for their Pop ‘N Go’s™️!

1. The Multi-Generational Homework Buddy

So many of us know the struggle of raising multiple kids.

You’re constantly juggling the littles’ needs with their older siblings’ duties, and that’s the perfect recipe for stress!

Let’s face it! We can’t dedicate allour attention to math homework when we’re busy worrying about younger siblings. (Even if we try our best!) A playpen keeps the littles safely entertained while you focus on helping with homework.

No more worrying about wandering tots and curious babies; they’re safe in their Pop ‘N Go™!

Don’t Forget the Entertainment!

Of course, every tot needs something to do! Coloring books only hold attention for so long.

You can always tag-team, letting your other half handle the younger ones. However, that’s not always an option. So, when you’re on your own, don’t forget to leave plenty of age-appropriate activities in that Pop ‘N Go™!

Older tots may enjoy reading. You can also include their favorite toys, some snacks, and solo games. In desperate times, you may even consider offering a tablet or phone!

Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that your little ones are safe and mess-free. After all, the Pop ‘N Go’s™ handy play mat is easy to clean!

2. The Inverse Playpen

Here’s another interesting use case: How do you keep nosy noggins from peeking at gifts?

You can use the Pop ‘N Go™️ as a handy gift container! Simply toss the little ones’ gifts into a Pop ‘N Go™️ playpen, and you have a convenient way to keep those surprises safe.

Perfect opportunities to use your Pop ‘N Go™ for storage include:

  • Any party where your guests may need to drop off coats or bags
  • Birthday parties
  • Gift exchanges
  • Holidays
  • And more!
  • Now, this trick works best for younger kids. Once they’re past that adorable toddler phase, they’re more capable of unzipping the flap. However, this method works wonders in toddler-filled households!

    3. The Pet Cool-Down Room

    Pop ‘N Go™ playpens aren’t just for kids, either! They’re also a great way to keep your pets contained in stressful or overwhelming situations. (Our classic version works well, but we have a Pop ‘N Go™️ Pets specifically for our four-legged friends!)

    Like your kids, your pets may grow weary of the hustle and bustle of a house party or family gathering. This can lead to accidents and aggression, both of which are a no-no for parties.

    Fortunately, a Pop ‘N Go™️ acts as a convenient alternative to a cage. It’s more portable and aesthetically pleasing, yet it serves the same function — keeping our pets safe and secure.

    4. The Impromptu Fort

    Finally, the sturdy structure of our Pop ‘N Go™️ playpens is the perfect base for a pillow fort! Some parents — especially those of the “mess-adverse” variety — love using their Pop ‘N Go™️ as the fort, eliminating the need for scattered pillows and blankets throughout their living rooms.

    However, if you don’t mind a bit of a mess, the Pop ‘N Go™️ can hold plenty of pillow fort fun! Let your kids bring their favorite toys and games into the Pop ‘N Go™, and they’ll feel like they’re in their own palace! Even better, you’ll have a built-in mess-stopping play mat capable of repelling liquids and dirt.

    And don’t worry about being comfortable! The Pop ‘N Go’s™️ play mat inflates, so you’ll have a comfortable place to stay while your kids play.

    How will you use your Pop ‘N Go™️? We can’t wait to see! There’s a world of possibilities, and we can’t wait to share them with you.