Why You Need the Pop N Go Playpen Under Your Tree This Christmas

Why You Need the Pop N Go Playpen Under Your Tree This Christmas - The California Beach Co.

As Christmas makes its fast approach, we want to reiterate why you need the Pop N Go Playpen under your tree this year. 

The Pop N Play is not only the best pop-up playpen on the market, but it’s the most practical and enjoyable for everyone. 

father and child playing in pop n go playpen

Yep! We factored in the parent’s happiness too when we created the Pop N Play

How you may ask? Simple. We created a product that was efficient, safe, and lightweight. The Pop N Go Playpen is designed with a pop-up technology that’s like no other on the current market. Our patented “pop-up-and-release” functionality makes this the most efficient play area that children love. 

father and child playing in pop n go playpen

Mom and Dad don’t break a sweat and the kiddos have loads of fun in seconds! Let’s not forget to mention it’s super safe, which is every parent's desire and expectation for their children’s gear.  The tent is shaped like a hexagon so it keeps its balance at all times. You’ll never have to worry about it falling over and it follows the standard guidelines as ASTM-International & SGS Safety-Certified. Boom!

Lastly, it’s so lightweight you may think you’re being punked! It weighs in at only 7.2 lbs! It’s 49″ tall from the floor to the top of the netting and it’s just over 51″ wide inside. Parents can fit inside, too! 

Why your kids will FREAK OUT when they see what Santa Delivered this Christmas…

Imagine having your child’s Pop N Go Playpen all set up prior to waking up on Christmas morning with a big red bow wrapped around it!

Not only will they be so excited because it’s one BIG delivery but they’ll be able to hang out in it inside AND outside! Yep, this portable playpen is perfect for any type of adventure. It’s built with fiberglass framing and strong weave-mesh material for an additional breeze when hanging out inside, making it perfect for indoors or outdoors.

child sitting in playpen on christmas day

Spreading Christmas Cheer All Year Long

It may sound cheesy but your children will experience so much joy and happiness well after Christmas with their Pop N Go Playpen. Each and every time it’s popped up for them to play, they’ll get that same excitement as they did when they first saw it on Christmas morning. 

That’s the kind of picture you want to see all year long, isn’t it?