How to Show Your Kids You’re Grateful for Them

How to Show Your Kids You’re Grateful for Them - The California Beach Co.

Sometimes, as parents, we forget to show our children how much we’re grateful for them. It’s one thing to say you’re proud and that you love them, but when was the last time you actually showed gratitude and love towards them?

Life gets busy and overwhelming as a parent. You wear all the hats and it’s easy to forget the littlest things that carry the most weight. As a parent, it’s your job to create a certain atmosphere within your home and in your child’s perception of their own self-esteem and love from you. 

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In this article, we want to explain the difference between showing and telling certain things to your kids. Yes, we realize you’re an adult and you understand the terminology, but sometimes, everyone needs a little refresher.

As the holiday season continues at full swing, we hope that you carry this message with you. In the hopes that your children will feel a difference in your intention and your holiday season will be the best one yet. 

The difference between showing and telling 

Every parent tells their child I love you. Every parent cares for their child on a daily basis. After all, you are keeping them alive, right?! 

If you feed and shelter your children then you are doing your job. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Your child doesn’t understand the amount of effort it takes to wake up before them to prepare for school or the daunting task and time that comes with meal prepping, or having to interrupt your schedule to pick them up from afternoon practices. They don’t understand the everyday things that you do to make their lives seamless. They’re not supposed to- they’re kids!

However, you may be showing it in a lot of ways, but they don’t see it because they don’t think as you do. It’s your turn to put yourself in their shoes.
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In what ways does your child feel loved? 

Ask yourself this question: If your child was asked how they feel loved by mommy or daddy, what do you think they’d say?

Do you think they’d say that "they pick me up from school on time every day" or "they wake me up every morning with breakfast?" Chances are slim. Your child would probably say something like this: 

They play with me.
They buy me toys.
They help me feel better when I’m sick.
They give me hugs and kisses. 

Don’t you see? Your child needs you to show them love in the way that they will understand. You have to meet your kids where they're at. In other words, you have to get down to their level and love them in a way that they understand love. 

Show and Tell! 

We know you’re a rockstar parent and you do an awesome job at showing AND telling your kiddos how much they mean to you. Sometimes, life gets the most of us and we start to forget what this life is all about- it’s about the people we share it with.

As you celebrate your holiday celebrations and plan for a new year, remember the simple phrase, SHOW AND TELL! Your kids will thank you once their older for always understanding them for where they were at. ❤️

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