What's the difference between the Pop N’ Go Playpen and the Pop N’ Go Pets?

If you haven’t yet heard of the Pop N’ Go playpen or the Pop N' Go Pets, we have to say we’re a little surprised! As the easiest to set up, most spacious kid’s playpens on the market, you may be missing out on a big opportunity to make life as a parent a lot simpler. 

All of the products that we create at the California Beach Co. are designed with the simple goal of being purposeful and useful for parents everywhere; the Pop N’ Go and its smaller counterpart, the Pop N’ Go Pets, are no exception. Both of our playpens bring their own unique features and uses to the table despite their commonalities (such as being super lightweight and easy to set up). Keep reading if you want to know a little more about what sets these two amazing products apart! 

1. The size

The first and most obvious difference between the Pop N’ Go and the Pop N’ Go Pets is the size. The original Pop N’ Go is 59 inches wide, 40 inches tall, and weighs about 7 pounds. The Pop N’ Go Pets, on the other hand, is 39 inches wide, 33 inches tall, and weighs about 5 pounds. Both playpens are super spacious and lightweight, making them ideal items to take on the road. We recommend keeping a Pop N’ Go Pets in your car, so you’re always prepared with a safe, play spot for your little one. 🚙

2. Color options

When it comes to color options, these two products differ quite a bit. The Pop N’ Go is available in four different colors: grey, black, orange, and pink, while the Pop N’ Go Pets is available in two different colors: grey and blue. 🤩

3. Ways to use

There are so many great ways to use both of these products and they each offer unique features, making them ideal for different activities. The Pop N’ Go Pets is a great item to take with you if you’re traveling, given it’s smaller size and super light weight. The smaller size also makes the Pop N’ Go Pets a great playpen for your pet, if you have a small animal like a cat, dog or bunny. 😻🐶

The original Pop N’ Go is similarly useful when on the go but is a great item for bigger kids, given its super spacious design. Set this playpen up inside or outside and fill it with toys to keep your little one occupied for hours. 🙌🏼

Whether you choose to buy the Pop N’ Go or the Pop N’ Go Pets, we will stand behind your decision because we know that both products offer plenty of useful and realistic features. But if we had to give you our opinion, we’d recommend getting BOTH. 😉✨