10 Activities to Try with Your Toddler

10 Activities to Try with Your Toddler - The California Beach Co.

A baby may keep you busy, but a toddler will keep you busy. Some days may feel like a rat race as you're constantly rushing around with your little one, just trying to keep them fed and entertained. So, check out a few creative and fun activities to get your toddler (and yourself) out of the house this week! 

1. Go to the playground 

What better way to release all of that pent-up energy than letting your toddler run around at the park and climb the jungle gym. You’ll get some fresh air and your kiddo will get tired out -- it’s a win-win! 🙌🏼☺️

2. Go to the zoo or aquarium

It’s no secret that toddlers love animals. Visit your local zoo or aquarium, it’s entertaining and educational. 🐠🐆

3. Get out into nature

Head out to your favorite nature trail or state park with your toddler. You’ll both get to enjoy a little exercise and fresh air. 🌿🌤

4. Find your next great read at the library

The library is a great place to take a toddler because they can pick out all the books they want, and the best part? It’s totally FREE! 🤩📚

5. Take your Pop N’ Go Playpen to the beach

Who doesn’t love a beach day? Playing in the sand is an endlessly entertaining activity for toddlers and with your Pop N’ Go Playpen set up, you’ll have a nice shady spot for your little one to relax. 🏖👍🏼

6. Go to a museum

Museums are filled with new activities to keep your toddler busy. Find a kid-friendly museum in your area if you want an activity to fill up a large portion of the day. 😉

7. Drive through the car wash

Okay, I know, this one sounds a little silly but hear me out! A lot of kids love going for a ride in the car and the carwash can actually be exciting and fun for them. This is a great way to actually cross something off of your to-do list while keeping your kiddo entertained. 🚙💦

8. Bake something together 

Who doesn’t love to bake? Your toddler can help you measure and mix and you’ll have a yummy treat to share together after! 🍪👩🏼‍🍳

9. Go to the toy store

Your little one will be very happy when you tell them you’re heading to the toy store to pick out some new toys. Take some time to browse and let them pick out their absolute favorite! 🥰🚂

10. Take your California Beach Blanket to the park for the ultimate picnic! 

Have we mentioned that getting outside is one of the best activities for parents and toddlers? Pick your favorite grassy park, grab your California Beach Blanket and a few of your favorite snacks, and you’re ready for the ultimate picnic a the park! 🧺🌻

Toddlers can be tough to entertain, but don’t get discouraged! With a little creativity (and your California Beach Co. products, of course) you can get out of the house and have a super fun day together. 🤗✨