Fun Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family

Fun Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family - The California Beach Co.

Much of the excitement that comes along with the month of May is owed credit to the long weekend we have awaiting us to celebrate Memorial Day. Keep in mind that Memorial Day represents a day to honor our fallen soldiers who have fought for our country, and it’s about a lot more than just a relaxing weekend with friends and family. 

Amid the honorary nature of this holiday, you will still have an opportunity for some relaxation and fun with your family. Here are a few family activities for this year’s Memorial Day weekend. 

Enjoy a good meal ☺️🍽

What better way to celebrate any holiday than by enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family (who doesn’t love food?!). Invite some of your loved ones over for dinner, drinks and catching up. Host dinner on the porch or in the backyard to enjoy the warm, summer, evening air.🌻

Play a game outside 😎🏈

Nothing says family fun like a good game of football or bean bag toss. Split up into teams and hold a full-on family tournament! If you’ve got a little one who’s too young to play, don’t worry. Just set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen with all of their favorite toys and they’ll be busy for hours.😉

Have a backyard movie night 🎥🍿

Set up a projector in your backyard and play a movie for the family. This is the perfect summer night activity and everyone in your family will love it. Just lay out your California Beach Blanket in the grass, for a soft, spacious foundation to lay on.🙌🏼

Picnic in the park 🧺🌳

There are few better ways to get outside with your family than by hosting a family picnic. Choose your favorite local park, pack up some good snacks, and don’t forget your California Beach Blanket. The little ones can run around while the adults sit back and enjoy the sun shine. ☀️

Don’t forget to honor our fallen soldiers 🇺🇸

By far the most important activity for you and your family this Memorial Day is to honor those who have fought for our country. Hang a flag to show respect, thank a local veteran, or attend a Memorial Day parade to honor these incredibly strong men and women. Be sure to start talking to your young children about the meaning of this holiday to instill in them that it’s about more than fun and festivities. 

The California Beach Co. would like to extend a hand to thank all of our service members who have fought for our country, while also wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. 🤝🇺🇸❤️