Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Eco-Friendly

Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Eco-Friendly - The California Beach Co.

Whether you started parenthood as someone who was aware of your carbon footprint or not, you may be realizing that having kids results in a lot more trash accumulation from your household. 😬

Between disposable diapers and cheap baby products that are made from plastic and don’t last long, it’s hard to not feel a little guilty. However, you can still take steps to be more eco-friendly after having kids, and best of all, you’ll be setting a positive example for your little ones to follow. Here are some ways to be more eco-friendly with kids! 

♻️ Try reusable diapers ♻️

Many parents are a little skeptical of reusable diapers (to say the least) but they may be easier than you think! Transitioning to reusable diapers for only some of the time can save you tons of money and help the planet in the process. Although your babies won’t necessarily understand the impact of reusable diapers, you can explain it to them when they get older. 😁

♻️ Give older kids a reusable water bottle ♻️

By encouraging your older kids to use reusable water bottles rather than single use plastic, you can show them just how easy it is to cut down on waste and help the planet. Give your kids some stickers to decorate their water bottle and they will love it! 🙌🏼

♻️ Make your own baby food ♻️

Packaged baby food is not only filled with preservatives but it also results in unnecessary plastic waste. Baby food is super easy to make at home, all you need is basic cooking supplies and a blender. Simply cook and puree any of your baby’s favorite fruits and vegetables. 🍎🥕

♻️ Lead by example ♻️

Young children like to copy everything their parents do, so by being eco-friendly yourself, you’re helping teach your kids to do the same. Always try to buy from sustainable brands and teach your kids why it’s important to pay attention to where your items come from. You can also set a positive example by doing everything you can to cut down on single use plastic and take steps to keep your community clean. Take your kids to your favorite local park or beach and do a trash pick up to help teach them the importance of using compostable items and not littering. 🌍

♻️ Always buy high-quality products ♻️

It’s worth it to purchase baby items that will actually last a long time. If you can reuse your baby items such as strollers and playpens for all of your kids, you’re getting tons of use out of them and making a more sustainable choice. Consider the California Beach Blanket! It was featured in Green Child Magazine for being a sustainable, summer necessity. The soft, breathable material is naturally derived from bamboo and is sure to last a lifetime.