California Voyager Blanket

California Voyager Blanket - Royal Rainbows

$44.95 $46.95
You Save $82.49 with this bundle!
California Voyager Blanket

California Voyager Blanket - Mini Mountains

$44.95 $56.95
You Save $82.49 with this bundle!
California Voyager Blanket

California Voyager Blanket - Whimsical Waves

$44.95 $46.95
You Save $82.49 with this bundle!
California Voyager Blanket

California Voyager Blanket

$44.95 $46.95
You Save $82.49 with this bundle!

The Perfect-Anywhere Travel blanket

For Picnics & Hikes
The California Voyager Blanket makes the best Picnic blanket! The spacious surface area gives you ample room for relaxing and eating. Going on a hike? This outdoor blanket is on-the-go ready with the drawstring carry bag.

For Beach Days
Upgrade your beach trips with an extra large Beach Blanket. Our sand free beach blanket will keep unwanted sand away from you and your possessions. As a water-resistant outdoor blanket, it won't get weighed down by water, drink spills, or mud.

For Backyards
Spend time outside exercising, relaxing, party hosting and more with the outdoor blanket. Versatile enough for any activity, the weighted corners and included ground stakes help keep the California Voyager Blanket in place no matter what.

For Cozy Indoor Moments
Keep everyone warm at once with the extra large travel blanket. At 7’ x 7’ it’s big enough to cover your feet and those of the loved ones next to you too.

Why is the California Voyager Blanket the best beach blanket?

Our extra large travel blanket has weighted corners, attached carry bag, and more!

Weighted Corners
Easy to spread out & keep down.

Water & Sand Resistant
Ideal for using on the beach or by the pool.

Stakes Included
4 x ground & 4 x sand stakes to keep the outdoor blanket in place.

Carry Bag With Pockets
Drawstring bag has a zipper mesh pocket & pouch pocket.

3 Stylish Patterns
Designs include: Royal Rainbows, Mini Mountains, and Whimsical Waves.

Extra Large Beach Blanket
7’ x 7’ (2m x 2m) surface area has room for everyone.

Machine Washable
Easily clean the travel blanket between adventures.

Outdoor blankets for everyone

The California Voyager Blanket was designed with portability in mind. We want you to take it wherever you go, whoever you adventure with.

  • The carry bag protects the water-resistant outdoor blanket so you can even leave it in your car for spontaneous trips.
  • If you’re having a kid’s party at the park, it works as a perfect picnic blanket for them to rest on during the fun.
  • This travel blanket makes a great addition to your camping or hiking gear. Its durable straps and pockets are ideal for essential items or snacks.
  • Building a blanket fort requires the best construction materials. With weighted corners and 7’ x 7’ surface, our weighted beach blanket will make the best roof.