Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Beach - The California Beach Co.

If you’ve been in a winter slump, that’s okay, because beach days are upon us and summer is just around the corner! However, we know that heading to the beach with the family can just be another example of how becoming a parent will make your life more complicated than it was before. Even with bags and bags of beach toys and towels, its easy to feel under-prepared at the beach when you’ve got little ones on board. 😅

That's why we've compiled a list of surefire tips to make your next beach trip with the family feel like a breeze. Check them out below! 😎

1. Use the Pop N’ Go Playpen as a sunshade

Did you know that every Pop N’ Go Playpen comes equipped with a UV cover? This makes for the perfect safe and shady spot to lay toddlers and babies of all ages. If your baby falls asleep, you can even lay them in the Pop N’ Go to nap, while you get some solo beach time. 💤🌤

2. Always prepare for a swim (especially if you have a toddler)

Whether you’re looking forward to it or not, you’re probably going to be going for a swim when you take a toddler to the beach. Prepare with floaties and towels for everyone, because it’s hard to keep the little ones out of the water! 💦🤷‍♀️

3. Bring the California Beach Blanket for the whole family

The California Beach Blanket is the ultimate beach accessory and you literally just have to throw it over your shoulder (yes, it folds into an included carrying bag!🤩) This blanket offers space for up to three adults to stretch out upon, so it’s sure to be spacious enough for the whole family. Included storage pockets give you space to protect your valuables and the material is seriously soft. 🥰🙌🏼

Features that make life easier

At California Beach Co., we recognize the hard work that parents everywhere are doing, by raising their kids and influencing future generations. We want you to know that we value this hard work and want to do anything we can to make your life feel easier. When developing our products we always strive for convenience, quality, and versatility. 

  • The Pop N’ Go playpen can be set up in seconds and provides a spacious, safe space for kids of all ages. 
  • You can go ahead and get rid of any other beach blanket, once you’ve tried the California Beach Blanket. With a blanket this spacious and soft, you won’t want to go back! 
  • Add the Pop N’ Go Pets to your parent toolkit if you want to always have a playpen on hand that can be easily set up anywhere. 

We can’t deny the fact that life with kids can feel a little crazy, but we know it's in the best way possible! With the right products on hand, we believe that even the busiest of parents can achieve anything with full enjoyment. 🥳🙌🏼