Three Easy Commands Your Pet is Sure to Listen to and Do

Three Easy Commands Your Pet is Sure to Listen to and Do - The California Beach Co.

Even the most rambunctious pup can follow a command or two. From Chihuahuas to Saint Bernard's, all dogs want a pack leader — it’s in their nature! By using the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen as a training tool, your pet will understand that their pop up tent is a pretty nice privilege. 

Here are three easy commands your pet can most definitely learn to do. 

Command 1. Sit! 

You’ve got to start somewhere, right? The “sit” command is universally known as the best command to teach your pet first. By teaching them to sit, you’ll gain their full attention while they stay put. This trick also serves as the perfect foundation for teaching other commands in the future. 

In our opinion, the best way to teach a dog how to sit is through adding a hand gesture to the command. A simple point or arm motion is often enough to solidify the concept of this particular command. Remember, our dogs don’t speak the same language as us! When they hear “sit,” they can sometimes misconstrue it for something else. Hand motions take confusion out of the equation.

Command 2. Lay Down...

Once a dog has mastered the “sit” command, they’ll start looking to their master for more direction. Bring in the “lay down” command! Teaching your pet this trick is a similar process to the aforementioned move; however, it requires a little more sacrifice on your dog’s part. By laying down, dogs truly submit to their owner because it takes them out of “action mode.”

If your pup is willing enough to follow this lead, make sure to follow up with a treat! Treats are a training staple in general and are harmless if you use them in moderation. Soon enough, you won’t have to use food bribes to practice commands effortlessly with your pup. With that being said, obedient companions definitely deserve a treat or two from time to time :)

Command 3. Go to Your Pop ‘N Go! 

It’s important for your pet to have a home base within your home. They need to be taught what area is theirs and what’s not theirs in order to feel comfortable — this also goes back to that pack mentality. By having a nook to call their own, dogs can feel safe and protected in your environment. 

The Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen serves as the perfect chill zone for pets. It can also be their place to retreat when they’re acting out. By telling your pup to go in their Pop ‘N Go, they’ll know it’s time to check their behavior. Don’t necessarily think of this command as a cruel punishment either; dogs behaving badly are often looking for the permission to relax. 

Kindly Demand Respect with Commands 

Once you’ve got this starter kit of commands nailed down, you’ll have created a structured and healthy relationship with your pet. This will make your life as a new pet owner a lot easier, as well as your pets! Your dog wants guidance from their pack leader, and that leader is YOU :)