The Top 5 Benefits of Portable Play Yards

The Top 5 Benefits of Portable Play Yards - The California Beach Co.

As a new parent, there are a lot of things you need to get in order. You want to make sure that you have a sitter you can count on, that the nursery is eco-friendly and safe, that the environments they’re in are welcoming and comfortable—and that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. For example, the environment, the setting, and the space that you put your child in have a lot of different elements. It’s more than just the safe nature of the home or even their room. It delves into all the areas your child plays in, both inside and outside—do they have a space to play?

We bring up this example of play because play is vital to child development and spurred creativity and self-confidence. So what can you do to ensure a safe place to play no matter if they’re in their room or out in the yard? A lot of people turn to play yards—little areas that let children play, lie down, read, and sleep, in peace and safety. Below, we’ll discuss some of the top benefits of portable play yards. Check them out, and then, once you’ve fallen in love, turn to our pop-and-play play yards!

They’re clean

Say you’re going over to a family member’s house, and you notice that their carpet isn’t that clean. Or maybe you’re heading out for a beach day, but the sand isn’t really the best place for the baby. That’s where your clean, portable play yard comes into play. It provides a hygienic space for your child to play and enjoy the environment.

And not only are they already clean, but they’re easy to clean. Simply take a cleaning rag, a disinfectant wipe, or even a baby wipe, and get it cleaned up! That’s part of what makes these so endearing—you don’t have to spend a ton of time cleaning everything up after you take it somewhere.

They provide safety both in and outside

As we mentioned, one of the top benefits of portable play yards is the fact that they’re safe. When you’re inside, it designates a certain amount of space—a controlled environment—so that, rather than tummy time on your brother-in-law’s not-so-clean apartment carpet, baby's tummy time can be on a comfortable, clean mattress pad. It’s free of the choking hazards that come from a child roaming freely on the floor. And though supervision is always suggested, there is an additional level of confidence that comes from a play yard.

That doesn’t even touch the additional safety that it offers with regard to outdoor play. When you visit the park, the beach, a neighbor’s backyard, or a campground, this accessory becomes an immediate shelter for your child. A lot of people think a towel at the beach or a blanket at the campground will do the trick, but those aren’t comfortable, and those don’t protect from UV rays, mosquitos, or other natural elements. Instead, portable play yards create a safe space for both indoor and outdoor use!

They’re lightweight

Now, this may not be the case for all portable play yards, but it sure is the truth for ours. We pride ourselves on how easy it is to set up our tents—even your kids could do it. Part of that comes from how lightweight they are. Our baby and toddler playpens only weigh 7.2 pounds, so even with their high-quality materials, they’re still easy to set up and take down.

This lightweight nature is also great for the summer season. Rather than feeling trapped in a hot tent in the summer, this is a lightweight, breathable space for you and your kids to enjoy!

They’re versatile

One of our favorite aspects of portable play yards in general is how versatile they are! It’s truly magnificent to see all of the different ways people use these spaces to play and create memories with their children. Not only does it provide that safe environment we talked about, but it also provides a safe, comfortable, environment no matter what the activity. Below you’ll find some of our favorite activities we’ve seen people enjoy with our playpens!

  • A place for camping
  • A DIY ball pit with a playpen
  • A beach pad
  • A corral during sporting events
  • A tummy-time space
  • A reading nook
  • A napping zone

These are just a few of the many ways you can use your portable play yard. Get creative! Most fun activities and adventures you want to have will work with these spaces. Try it out and see what fun you and the kids can get up to!

They’re long-lasting

Another wonderful characteristic of portable play yards is how long they last. You can get one (and you should get one) for your first child. It will work for them as infants and as they start to grow up. It will work if you have another child. It will work if you decide to give it to a neighbor for their child. In fact, this might be the benefit that most attracts parents—its long lifespan means that it can endure years of use and be helpful along the way.

How to Make the Most of the Baby Playpen?

Add some sensory toys for younger babies 👶🏼

The Playpen makes the perfect space to play for younger babies. Set up some sensory toys such as a mobile, teething toys, and a mirror for younger babies. This can give them something to focus on while they relax in their play yard and can even aid in healthy development. 

Make it cozy with pillows and blankets ☺️

Throw in some pillows and blankets to make the play yard even more cozy. It is not recommended to leave younger babies unattended with pillows and blankets, as it can pose a safety hazard. So this is a great option for older babies and toddlers or younger babies who will be under close supervision. Forewarning, the playpen may look so cozy that you’ll want to get in there with your little ones! Luckily there is plenty of room. 😉

What You Get With California Beach Co.

As we’ve mentioned, The California Beach Co. offers Pop ‘N Go playpens to fulfill your family’s needs for a safe play area. Our play yards come with mattresses to provide your child with even more comfort than before because we design our products with you in mind. In fact, our Pop ‘N Go Playpen is SGS & ASTM Safety Certified, non-toxic, and child-safe, so it’s everything you’re looking for when it comes to a product for your child. Whether you want to use it for inside or you plan on taking it on every outdoor adventure, you’re sure to get your use out of this product.

What additional benefits are included with the Pop N' Go Playpen?


Customers love our pop up play yard because it requires no heavy lifting or complicated assembly. Thanks to our patented pop-up and pop-down design, it takes seconds to build and to break down. 

There’s no point to having an easy assembly if the playpen is insanely heavy. That’s why our play yard weighs less than 8 pounds in total. This lightweight play yard can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Our customers love taking the travel play area to the beaches, parks, campgrounds, or to Grandma’s house! 

This may be a playpen for kids, but we kept you in mind when building out the design. We included a compact fold and travel bag with a strap to make your trips with the Pop N’ Go playpen enjoyable for everyone! Mom, Dad, or Grandpa can easily throw the lightweight play area over their shoulder and be on their merry way. 

A mother carrying the portable playpen at the beach


The Pop N’ Go playpen works well for both indoor and outdoor activities! This high-quality play yard is made of fiberglass framing and strong weave-mesh material. The weave-mesh fabric is really helpful for when the play tent is set up outside. It allows a refreshing breeze to come through and helps circulate the air within the play yard so your child remains comfortable throughout their time inside. 

We didn’t stop there. It can get really hot, especially over the summertime, and we felt that our weave-mesh material wouldn’t be enough to truly feel comfortable on those hot summer days. So, that’s where the UV shade cover came into play.

The UV shade cover is included with every purchase and protects your child from the harmful sun rays while providing a more shady experience while inside the playpen.  

UV Shade going on top of the lightweight play tent for kids

The next time you’re on a hunt for the perfect product for your friend’s baby shower or to check off on your own before-baby checklist, turn to us! We want to make this time easier for you and provide an area that children are sure to enjoy. Check out our products now to see how they can help your family!