The Importance of Sensory Play for Kids

The Importance of Sensory Play for Kids - The California Beach Co.

Our senses serve as the foundation for understanding experience. These five skills are our means for interpreting the world. As adults, we tend to take this fact and these gifts for granted. Young children; however, depend on and take advantage of each one as they navigate new territory. 

The Pop N Go Playpen is the perfect setting for sensory exploration. This High-quality Playard is so much more than your average playpen; it will serve as a haven of discovery for your little one! You’ll feel secure in encouraging creative play in this incredibly safe environment. Non-toxic materials and a UV shade cover protect from bugs, sun, and anything else that might put your child in danger. 

With this Play Tent, you can take sensory play wherever you go. This product compacts easily, fitting into a handy travel bag and unfolding instantly. For a structure that can comfortably fit three kiddos, it is surprisingly lightweight. Its fiberglass design allows you to travel far and wide with no problem. 

Why is Sensory Play Important?

Sensory play is a crucial part of learning in many ways. This practice strengthens the brain’s pathways, supports cognitive growth, develops motor skills, and enhances memory. Stimulation of the senses will cause your child to have “aha” moments that will lead to making important connections. It is so powerful to introduce exploration in safe, creative, and fun ways. By doing so, you are teaching your child that learning can be joyful!

It’s also a great way to teach appropriate social interaction. Body awareness is a part of discovering our senses. They help us to understand where our bodies exist in space. By understanding this, we can start to understand our presence in relation to our peers. Also, sensory learning is a very active kind of play that often requires and/or thrives on peer interaction. 

Processing sensory information is necessary, but it can be fun too! It’s all about encouraging curiosity and exploration. With the Pop N Go Playpen, your child will embark on endless adventures. This portable playground will cause them to use their sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste to solve problems and make discoveries. 

Sensory information serves as bookmarks in our life stories.

How we make memories depends a lot on our senses. Think back to your favorite childhood memories; you can probably recall a smell, taste, or texture that you associate with that event. This is how our brain organizes moments that are important to us; sensory information serves as bookmarks in our life stories. 

Sensory activities are great for the whole family and essential in your child’s development. When you have a Pop N Playpen, you can facilitate fun at any time and in any place. Help your child to learn and grow in ways that they’ll remember forever with this versatile Play Tent.