Play Peek-a-Boo with the Pop ‘N Go Playpen

Play Peek-a-Boo with the Pop ‘N Go Playpen - The California Beach Co.

For a fun new spin on Peek-a-Boo, play around with the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen’s UV shade cover. This airy shield allows you to turn the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen into a cozy clubhouse without having to take it apart or modify it completely. In fact, this cover can be attached while your kiddo is still in their tent! 

You’ll surely get a couple of giggles out of your baby as you attach this cover to their play tent. They’ll love experiencing their environment magically change, and you’ll love knowing they’re safe and protected! With this UV shade cover, you can take the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen from sunny space to shady shelter seamlessly. 

Peek-a-Boo, The California Beach Co. Sees You!

Whether you already have a Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen or you’re currently perusing the options on our site, we want you to know where our priorities lie. At the California Beach Co., we design all of our products with the goal of making them as hassle-free as possible. We want to make your life easier! For that reason, we place convenience, safety, and durability at the top of our list of priorities.

The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen was made by parents for parents, so we know what the average day looks like in a hectic household with kids. The UV shade cover is one of the elements of the Pop ‘N Go that proves its overall versatility and user-friendly nature. From the moment you pop up this play tent, it’s ready for all kinds of real-life scenarios. 

How You Use This Cover is Up to You

One great thing about the UV shade cover is it’s incredibly easy to take on and off. Made of lightweight and stretchy mesh material, it slides over the top to provide a snug and protective fit in mere moments! If you want to switch back to the open-air feel of the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen, this removable roof can be detached, folded, and stored compactly in a breeze. 

Being able to make spur-of-the-moment modifications to your tent allows you to tackle whatever the day brings quickly and efficiently. If your tent is hit with the harsh sun, annoying bugs, or inclement weather, the UV shade cover provides an instant layer of protection. 

It’s On Us

The best thing about the UV shade cover? It’s included in every purchase of the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen! The California Beach Co. believes that necessary play tent accessories shouldn’t be sold separately. The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen comes with everything you need, and is ready to play the day you receive it! Enjoy taking part in Peek-A-Boo and other kinds of light-hearted fun with the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen. :)