Plan a Baby Playdate Featuring the California Beach Blanket

Plan a Baby Playdate Featuring the California Beach Blanket - The California Beach Co.

Being a parent can feel isolating at times, so finding other friends with young children is extremely important! How to connect with other adults when a little person absorbs all of your time and energy? Get the kids together to play, of course! Here is how to host the best baby playdate, featuring the California Beach Blanket. 😍

Embrace the time before they start crawling 👶🏼

Many parents will likely tell you to embrace the time before your child starts crawling and walking. Those early months when your baby just wants to be held or lay on their tummy, present the best opportunity to meet up with friends. You may not realize how hard it is to maintain a conversation while chasing around a toddler until you’re actually doing it, so soak this time up! All you’ll have to do is find a baby friendly location (more on that later). 😏

The California Beach Blanket is the perfect tummy time mat 🍼

Tummy time is a great activity for your little baby! It helps them build neck strength and might even be a new comfortable position for them if they typically lay on their back. The California Beach Blanket is the perfect tummy time mat because it’s made with natural, bamboo derived material and it is so soft. 🙌🏼

Who doesn’t love fresh air? ☀️

What’s one of the best parts about the California Beach Blanket? It’s lightweight, foldable, and comes with its own carrying bag. Therefore, you can take this thing anywhere. So why not meet up with your mom friends at the local park? Your babies will love all of the new colors and sounds that they can observe and you’ll be able to relax in the sun or shade! 🌷

Stay safe and comfortable 👍🏼

The California Beach Blanket was made to withstand any weather conditions including wind, rain, and heat. This blanket’s material is heat resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable. It is sure to keep everyone safe, cool, and comfortable, rain or shine! 🌦

So much space! 🤩

Did we mention that this blanket is spacious enough to fit 3 adults? Your little ones will have plenty of room to roll around and spread out. 

The California Beach Blanket is parent-approved 🤝

They weren’t joking when they said, “it takes a village”, at California Beach Co., we understand the importance of a strong community. Striving to simplify the life of parents everywhere, we’re here for you! ☺️