Take The Pop N' Go Mini On The Road This Summer

Take The Pop N' Go Mini On The Road This Summer - The California Beach Co.

The air is warming up and summer is just around the corner. If you’re anything like us, then you’re just itching to get out of town with the family (at least once) this summer! So, where to go? Below we’ve listed some of the best road trip destinations for your family's summer travels and explained why the Pop N’ Go Pets is the best accessory to take on the road. Trust us, you won’t want to head out without one!

1. Yellowstone National Park

What better way to bond with your family than getting out in nature and adventuring together. You’ll all get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, and there will definitely be some animal sightings! 🐻🌲

2. Orlando, FL

Nothing says family-friendly like a trip to Orlando, Florida. You can keep the kids busy at any of the theme parks from Disney World to Universal. The kids will be so worn out each evening that you may even get some downtime to yourself! 💤👍🏼

3. Washington, DC

If you want to have an educational yet fun trip with your family, then Washington, DC might be one of the best places to head to. From national monuments, to kid-friendly museums, your family will not run out of things to talk about while in Washington DC! 🇺🇸🤩

The Pop N’ Go Mini is the hottest accessory for summer 🔥 

Have you heard of the Pop N’ Go Mini? If you have a young family and plan to road trip this summer then you need this item in your trunk. The Pop N’ Go Mini is:

  • Lightweight and easy-to-set up. 
  • Equipped with a UV shade cover, padded mattress, and travel bag. 
  • The perfect travel-friendly portable crib or baby playpen. 
  • Compact, portable, and easy to set up in small spaces like hotel rooms. 

The Pop N’ Go Mini is an ideal item to bring on the road if you have young children. It’s a super easy item that can be set up just about anywhere. You can use it as a travel crib or playpen if you’re road tripping with a baby in tow. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the Pop N’ Go Mini is a safe place to set down your child when resting at a park or staying in a hotel. Setting up your Pop N’ Go Mini won’t feel like a hassle. This versatile accessory will truly make your life easier, especially when on the go. 🥰🚗