Must-Have Items for a Beach Day With Your Dog

Must-Have Items for a Beach Day With Your Dog - The California Beach Co.

Going to the beach is a lot of fun, especially if you have children and pets. Unfortunately, if your dog is not well trained, you might be hesitant to take him or her with you. However, there are products you can buy to keep your dog on his or her best behavior and very entertained. Here are some must-have items for a beach day with your dog.

Dog Permit

The first thing you want to make sure you have is a dog permit for the beach. Many beaches do not allow you to bring dogs on the beach at all, while others allow only dogs with the appropriate permit. Service dogs, however, are legally permitted to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of a facility where the public is allowed to go. So if your dog is a service dog, you probably already have the requisite permit and documentation that allows the animal to accompany you on public outings. For those who do not have service dogs, make sure you’ve checked out the laws for the beach you plan to visit and get a permit if required. Different towns have different laws and fees for dog permits.

Portable Pet Playpen

Here at the California Beach Co., we understand that your dog does not always behave well on the beach. Sometimes your dog might also need shelter from the sun. A portable pet play yard is an essential item to bring with you because it is very light to carry, big enough for more than one small dog, and includes a UV shade cover. It is very durable for windy days, as it includes a travel case and stakes to secure it to the ground.

Portable Mattress

If the Pop ‘N’ Go Pets Playpen interests you, take a look at our Pop ‘N’ Go Pets Mattress. When your dog gets tired out from playing on the beach, it will want to lay on something comfortable, and not directly on the hot sand. Using this soft mattress will help your dog get a nice nap.

Items to Make Your Dog Feel at Home

In addition to the playpen and mattress, make sure that you bring a leash and disposable bags for when your dog needs to relieve itself. You should also make your dog feel at home by bringing dog blankets, treats, food, and dog dishes to put in the playpen. It would be a great idea to bring a Frisbee so that you can play catch on the sand. If you plan on having a picnic, a sand-proof blanket would be very handy. If you bring all these items, your dog will feel very relaxed on the beach.

Items to Keep Your Dog Safe

Safety is essential for relaxation. Make sure that you have plenty of supplies to address potential health and safety issues. For instance, if your dog has a serious condition, bring medication. The hot sand might be very uncomfortable for your dog and lead to burns, so be sure to bring a paw-protection ointment. Although dogs do not sunburn as fast as humans, they still sunburn. Make sure that you have a sunscreen that is specifically for dogs. For added sun protection, bring a durable umbrella to shade your pooch. In case you lose your dog, make sure to put an identification tag on the collar. Since many other families are on the beach, one of them might find your dog and be able to return it to you when they see the identification tag on its collar.

Items to Show That Your Dog is Beach-Ready

Many people do not think to dress up their dogs for the beach. But for added enjoyment, you could buy sunglasses, a swimsuit, and a life vest for your dog. A hat could be a great addition as well. If your dog does not like these items, at least you tried! You put in effort for yourself to get ready; put in an equal amount of effort for your dog. In addition to looking fashionable in beach outfits, the swimsuit and life vest will allow your dog to participate in water activities with you and your family.

Items for Nighttime

If your family decides to stay on the beach after dark, you will want to make sure that you have enough food and fresh water for your dog. You will also need more blankets and pillows, especially if it gets very cold. Your family might decide to look at the stars. Don’t forget to bring a telescope. Perhaps your dog will want a view of the stars through the telescope as well! If you want to keep enjoying your time at the beach but your dog is afraid of the dark, bring several flashlights or a lantern.

Items for an Overnight Stay

While many beaches close at dusk or at certain times during inclement weather or the off-season, some beaches allow you to camp out if you have a permit. If you choose to do this, pack extra items for your family and your dog. Double up on food, treats, and disposable dog bags. Help your dog sleep well by bringing extra pillows. In case your dog gets scared in the middle of the night, be sure to comfort it. By bringing a large enough tent, you and your family can give your dog a spot near you to calm down.

Items to Capture Precious Moments

Going to the beach is a special summer activity for you and your dog. Bring your camera or use your camera phone so that you can capture your family’s best moments as well as your dog’s. A summer photo on the beach with your dog will be so nice that you may want to make it your social media profile picture. It might even turn into your family’s early holiday photo.

Hopefully, you will get great use out of these must-have items for a beach day with your dog. Have a fun and safe time!

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Must-Have Items for a Beach Day With Your Dog