Did You Hear The News? The Pop ‘N Go Has NEW Organic Bamboo Mattress Covers!

Did You Hear The News? The Pop ‘N Go Has NEW Organic Bamboo Mattress Covers! - The California Beach Co.

Accessorize your Pop ‘N Go Playpen® with our new organic bamboo mattress covers! These soft and protective covers will give your pop up tent a makeover with its cute designs and perfectly-sized shape. 

Set Up a Cozy Camp in Your Pop ‘N Go Playpen® 

If your child’s tent hangs out in your home, this mattress cover will turn their space into a nap zone or quiet time haven. Do you like to take your Pop ‘N Go on-the-go? Use this cover on outdoor trips for a soft space while you’re away. No matter where you are, these plush covers will upgrade your play tent. 

These covers also give you the opportunity to personalize your kid’s Pop ‘N Go Playpen®! Choose between the patterns of “whimsical wave,” “mini mountain,” or “royal rainbow” when dressing up your kid’s favorite play tent. 

Comfort and Cleanliness at All Times 

The built-in mattress pad provides comfort through its soft cushioning and smooth surface. Because it’s removable, it also amps up your play tent’s level of cleanliness. With our new organic bamboo mattress covers, we’re taking these prime characteristics one step further!

Their custom size is perfectly compatible with the mattress pad, and slips on much like a fitted bedsheet. Once on, these covers stay on due to their stretchy elastic and precise fit. They won’t bunch, pull, or slide off, no matter how much roughhousing happens on them! 

If and when the inside of your Pop ‘N Go Playpen® gets dirty, just remove this cover and throw it in the wash. Bamboo holds up incredibly well through wear and tear, and can withstand many rides through your washing machine. 

The Benefits of Buying Organic

Why organic bamboo? If you haven’t heard of this amazing, all-natural material, we’ve got all the info. 

For starters, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that’s strong and fibrous. This makes for a tight weave and incredible durability when used as a fabric. Because this material is completely natural, it’s also an environmentally-friendly choice. Bamboo is a renewable resource, and doesn’t experience contact with pesticides or other harmful substances. 

This fabric is also hygienic and high-quality! It’s hypoallergenic, meaning it wards away bacteria, allergens, and other creepy crawlies. In addition, the quality of this fabric’s weave and the material itself makes these covers breathable, absorbent, and strong.

Get Your Pre-Order On

These covers are currently on pre-order, but that’s not to say they won’t sell out! If you’re thinking about outfitting your Pop ‘N Go Playpen® with one of these cute covers, it’s a good time to reserve one. We’ve extended our Fourth of July sale for two more days — that means our organic bamboo covers are half their usual price! We promise you won’t regret adding this snuggly cover to your kid’s play fort and quiet space.