Let Your Kids Make Some Noise with the Pop N Go Playpen

Let Your Kids Make Some Noise with the Pop N Go Playpen - The California Beach Co.

Is your kid's playtime starting to sound like band practice? Instead of trying to shut down the party, send them to their shelter outside. The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is the perfect solution to allow musical play in a way that’s somewhat manageable. In this article, we’ll show you how your kid's play tent can also serve as their own little music studio. 

Why Music Matters

Kids love to make noise — it’s as simple as that. Although this can be irritating at times, it’s important to encourage a love for music in your children. There is a multitude of benefits that come with music play that you don’t want your child to miss out on. For one, exploring the functions of musical instruments helps to improve brain and memory function. It also encourages creativity and helps children see a different side of problem-solving. 

When children play music with their friends or siblings, even more learning takes place. Encourage your kiddos to create their own “band,” and they’ll learn invaluable lessons about teamwork, patience, and social skills. 

Whether your kid is seriously practicing an instrument or recklessly banging on a xylophone, the values gained are the same. The ability to create an outcome (sound) through an action (play) will boost your little one’s confidence tremendously. Musical play is one of the few ways in which your kids can see the results of their learning and exploration immediately. No wonder why this kind of play is so exciting to them! 

Get Outside and Get it Out

In order to nurture your child’s development without getting a headache, we recommend taking the tunes outside. Set up your Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen in the backyard and call it a “recording studio,” “drum circle,” or “concert hall.” With a little bit of imagination, you can encourage “the band” or your little solo artist to see the Pop ‘N Go as the place for turning out tracks or performing symphonies. 

Children get bored quickly and easily. The Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen is great because it can become a destination for an activity. Once they settle into this space and the project or play they’re partaking in, they’re less likely to get distracted or impatient. If you build it, they will calm down. 

Indoor Voices are a Possible Feat

By letting your kid get their wiggles out through creative music-making, you’re making quiet time possible later on. There’s a time and place for everything, and it’s important that your kiddos know that! Allow them to get their “crazies” to get out with the Pop ‘N Go ® Playpen — by doing so, you’ll be able to create a sense of calm indoors.