Making The Most of Halloween Fun At Home

Making The Most of Halloween Fun At Home - The California Beach Co.

Halloween is going to look a whole lot different this year than it ever has before. With COVID restrictions, there’s a good chance your family is making the tough decision to stay in rather than go trick or treating. 🥺 Even though this is the ultimate holiday tradition, there is still tons of holiday fun you can have right in the comfort of your home! Here are a few different ways you can celebrate Halloween with your family in safe and fun ways! 

Carve or Decorate Pumpkins 🎃

Well, this one is a no brainer. Allow the kiddos to get a little messy and design their very own Jack-O-lantern! Through pumpkin carving or decorating the exterior with paint and craft supplies, your kids will have such fun they’ll forget all about trick or treating! If you want an easy clean up, spread out your California Beach Blanket and let the kids get to it. These beach blankets are water-resistant, sand-resistant, and heat-resistant so you can dirty them up, wash them off, and then literally throw them in the washing machine to fully clean! 

Make Halloween Slime 🦠

The boys will love this one! Get ready to entertain your kids for hours with this simple recipe. All you need is white washable school glue (emphasis on WASHABLE), liquid starch, washable liquid watercolors, and a packet of googly eyes! If you want your slime to resemble a monster, make sure to get green, orange, or black watercolors! Your kids will LOVE playing with their very own, handmade slime!

What you need and how much: 

Shake all the ingredients before you pour them in together. It’ll take a minute to create the consistency you’re looking for but soon enough, you’ll have the gooiest slime! Once you have the consistency you want, add the googly eyeballs to resemble a slimy monster! 

Turn the Kids into Mummies 💀

Oh, this is one that’ll have the whole family laughing! Grab a couple rolls of toilet paper and wrap your kids up from head to toe to become walking MUMMIES. Your kids will need to be a little older for this activity but they will love the way they look and you’ll have a blast doing it! 

Make Halloween Cookies 🍪

Halloween just isn’t the same without a few treats! You might not be able to go from house to house, but you can most definitely still TREAT yourself in the comfort of your home! :) We love this Monster Cookie recipe by Delish.

Look how cute these cookies turned out and they still look awfully delicious! ;)  

Build a Haunted House 👻

Last but not least, build a haunted house with the help of the Pop ‘N Go Playpen. We wrote an entire blog on how to turn your Pop ‘N Go tent into a haunted house here! 

All in all, we hope you find creative ways to embrace Halloween even if it looks a little different from previous years. 

Be safe, have fun, and stay spooky!