The Pop ‘N Go Pets Mattress and Why You Need It

The Pop ‘N Go Pets Mattress and Why You Need It - The California Beach Co.

Oh my Paws! Have you seen the mattress pad that specifically goes with the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen? Serving as the perfect dog bed or cat bed, we designed this mattress pad because your furry friends deserve to stay cozy, too! 

Add This Comfy Crash Pad to Your Pup’s Playpen!

What started out as inventing the world’s best kid’s playpens quickly turned into inventing the world’s best playpens… period.

This Spring, we launched the Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen to the market after we saw a massive need for a portable pet playpen. Our customers would buy a playpen for their kids and their pets would end up spending more time in the tent then the kiddos! 

We thought… Why don’t we invent a playpen that’s specifically made and intentionally designed with animals in mind?

And that’s exactly what we did! The Pop ‘N Go Pets Playpen is smaller than the kid’s model and it’s insanely easy to assemble. Weighing less than five pounds, you can take this playpen anywhere, (AKA: you can take your pet anywhere!) 

Made of fiberglass framing, mesh windows, and polyester siding, your pup can chill comfortably in their tent while still easily seeing out. If there’s anything most animals have in common, it’s that they hate to be “locked up” or at least feel locked up. With this playpen, your pet will be restricted without feeling like it! 

With the UV shade cover providing less sun exposure, your pup will be completely content in their breathable playpen.

The only thing that makes this playpen even cooler is the pets mattress pad! 

This soft, plush pet playpen mattress pad offers additional comfort to your animal as they lay out in their Pop ‘N Go tent. Although it’s not entirely necessary to have this mattress pad, it comes in handy more often than you may think!

Here are a few reasons why you may need this mattress pad for your pet playpen: 

It can serve as their nap time zone.

Say goodbye to smelly dog or cat beds! This breathable mattress pad will be the perfect bedding to keep your animal cool during a midday snooze. 

It’ll come in handy during travel.

Whether you’re headed to the dog park or you’re staying at grandma’s house for the weekend, your pet will love having a place that they are familiar with and know they can resort to whenever. Making it cozy is a bonus! :) 

If you’re using your Pop ‘N Go outdoors, the mattress pad can take away from uneven grounds.

If you’re camping or at the beach, you don’t want to set your pet’s playpen up on a lumpy, uneven ground! The mattress pad can take away from whatever is underneath the tent, helping your pet to relax and pick less at the floor. 

During the colder months, it can keep your pet warm. 

This mattress pad is pretty lightweight but it’s super soft which will keep your pet warm when it’s a little cooler out or when the flooring where the tent is placed is cold. 

Doesn’t your animal love to snuggle up in your bed? Give them a cozy bed of their own! 

This is a good enough reason for us! Your pet deserves to be spoiled. Why else would you decide to take on the responsibility of a furry friend?! Your pet will love their own little mattress and probably start resorting to their own bed over yours before too long… 😉

Shop and Pop! 

Keep your furry little one(s) comfortable with the Pop N' Go Pets® Mattress, giving them the luxurious life they deserve! Simply add the mattress to your cart when shopping for your Pop N' Go® Pets Playpen and watch your pet sprawl out happily in their own luxurious tent.