Keep Up with Your Fitness Goals all Year long - The California Beach Co. Has you Covered!

Keep Up with Your Fitness Goals all Year long - The California Beach Co. Has you Covered! - The California Beach Co.

We all know the feeling of going into the year with a long list of personal goals, then looking back a couple of months later and realizing you’ve completely fallen off. It’s okay, it happens to everyone! The California Beach Co. is here to help you keep up with your fitness goals, with our versatile products that make staying fit while being a mom not only possible but straight-up convenient! 🤩

Set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen for the kiddos while you put in work! 💪🏼

Grab your Pop N’ Go Playpen and head literally anywhere. You can set it up seconds, and make it cozy for your toddler or baby with their favorite toys and stuffed animals. They’ll stay busy, and you can get your workout in! We recommend going to a park or grassy area where you and your little one can even enjoy some sunshine and fresh air in the process. Hello, healthy habits! 😎

Sneak in a naptime workout with the self-inflating travel mattress 💤 

Throw our self-inflating travel mattress into your Pop N’ Go and you’ve got the perfect nap time spot for kiddos of all ages. Once your little one’s usual nap time rolls around, you can lay them down to rest and do a quick workout while they snooze. After all, exercise is one of the best forms of “me time!” ☺️

Use your California Beach Blanket as a workout or yoga mat 🧘🏾‍♀️

The California Beach Blankets make the perfect yoga or workout mats. The soft, durable material will withstand burpees and jumping jacks while also being soft enough for stretching and post-workout rest. Simply lay down your spacious blanket on a grassy service and you’ve made yourself the perfect outdoor workout station. ☀️

Useful features, practical design

All of our products are designed with the customer in mind. We want to make your life easier, so we’ve designed high-quality and durable items that you can use literally anywhere. 

  • Our lightweight Pop N’ Go Playpen unfolds in seconds and is the perfect spacious area for your toddler or baby to play. 
  • The California Beach Blanket is weather resistant and designed with natural, non-toxic material.
  • Add one of our inflatable playpen mattresses to make the Pop N’ Go Playpen the perfect travel crib or naptime spot for your little one. 

We want to help you crush your fitness goals! 

Your 2021 goals don’t have to fall to the wayside. Get creative with your favorite California Beach Co. products and you’ll be crushing your goals in no time. 😄🙏🏾