6 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Toys

6 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Toys - The California Beach Co.

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Choosing toys for babies and toddlers can be extremely difficult, especially with the long list of materials you need to avoid in order to keep your baby safe. Fortunately, there are many companies who are already providing eco-friendly baby toys you can count on, whether you're looking for natural baby toys, sustainable baby toys, or simply companies that avoid products that you know could be damaging to your little one. 

Table of Contents

  1. Materials and Chemicals to Avoid in Baby and Toddler Toys
  2. Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Toys
  3. Eco-Friendly Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Materials and Chemicals to Avoid in Baby and Toddler Toys

There are several materials and chemicals that, in general, parents should avoid when choosing eco friendly toddler toys or healthy baby toys. Of course, your baby's toys should always meet safety standards, including being large enough that they cannot be swallowed or lodged in the windpipe; and you should test any toys you choose for baby or toddler to ensure that they are sturdy and hard to break. 

When selecting eco toys for toddlers or babies, make sure you avoid these key elements:

  • BPA
  • PVC
  • Lead
  • Phthalates
  • Cadmium
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic

Unfortunately, many toys intended for infants and young children are made from PVC with added plasticizers. These innocent-seeming toys may actually leech toxic chemicals into your baby or toddler's environment. Putting toys in the mouth--a common activity among many little ones--can further increase exposure. 

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Toys

With so many seemingly innocent toys filled with chemicals and substances that could be harmful to your baby, how can you be sure that you're choosing sustainable baby toys that won't pose a danger to your little one? There are several steps you should follow in choosing eco-friendly baby toys. 

1. Know your substances.

Often, people are surprised by the potential hazards in their children's toys. To choose safe, sustainable baby toys, make sure you're familiar with the places those hazards can hide.

  • Choose bamboo, wood, and other safe materials. 
  • Avoid hard plastics unless they are labeled as BPA-free. 
  • Find local manufacturers and providers, when you can.
  • Opt for unpainted toys when buying handmade, since some paints may contain hazardous substances
  • Look for books and puzzles printed on recycled or degradable materials

Note that even soft stuffed toys can be filled with polyurethane foam, which can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. Choosing organic materials, including bamboo or organic cotton, can help you avoid potential hazards. When you know more about eco-friendly and sustainable baby toys, you can better choose the right eco toys for toddlers.

2. Do your research before buying a new toy or brand.

It's all too easy to simply pick up a toy in the store without taking the time to research it. If you want to focus on eco-friendly baby toys, however, get in the habit of researching carefully before purchasing a new toy or brand. Consider:

  • What materials the toy is made of
  • Where the toy is produced (locally or American-made manufacturers may have to follow more stringent regulations)
  • Any past recalls from the brand
  • What the brand stands for, including sustainability or safety

For example, the California Beach Co. focuses on high-quality, sustainable materials you can trust, which may make you feel more confident about your purchases for your little one.

3. Aim for quality over quantity.

When you commit to purchasing eco-friendly baby toys, you may notice that many of those solutions are more expensive than the traditional toy options you can pick up off the shelf. Choosing a few high-quality toys that your baby or toddler is likely to play with and enjoy long-term can ultimately be much more beneficial than purchasing a huge number of less sustainable baby toys. 

4. Make sure baby has a safe place to play.

As hard as you try to buy sustainable baby toys, your little one may quickly get into the things you don't want them in: television remotes, kitchen utensils, and more. To help keep your little one safe, choose a safe space for them to play when you have to focus on other tasks, like the Pop N' Go Playpens from California Beach Co. These playpens offer your little one a great place to play whether indoors or out--and ensure that your little one won't be crawling or toddling off to play with the toys you would rather avoid. 

Eco-Friendly Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Looking for some of the best eco-friendly baby toys on the market? Take a look at some of these great options. 

1. Hanging, Mobile and Musical Toys

These toys are perfect for little hands that are ready to grasp, swing, and play. Instead of putting your little one beneath a plastic construction with flashing lights and loud noises, consider the benefits of sustainable activity toys. They can be found with a variety of animals and characters, so you can choose one that fits with the theme of your child's nursery or select one that represents your little one. 

baby playpen toys

2. Pretend Play Animal Sets

Pretend play animals include a variety of adorable plush animals that are perfect for little hands and actually help with childrens’ emotional development! These eco-friendly toddler toys are brightly colored and come in a variety of designs, which means you can find all sorts of animals and characters to fit your little one's latest needs. 

Stuffed animal for toddler

3. The Voyager Travel Pillow

Looking for a product that will allow your little one to curl up and cuddle safely? The Voyager travel pillow is a great option for keeping your little one cozy and safe. 

eco friendly baby pillow

4. Sustainable Music Play Toys

Musical play toys come with the bells and whistles you might expect that will be sure to enchant your little one. Not only are they beneficial for cognitive development in children, but are a safe and eco friendly baby toy for everyday use!

Musical baby toys

5. Balancing Wooden Blocks

Play blocks are a great toy for free play, exploration, and creativity, and these balancing wooden blocks are a great eco-friendly, sustainable option. They're bright and colorful, have multiple flat surfaces for more creative options, and are perfect for little hands to wrap around. 

baby playing with eco friendly play blocks

6. Play Dolls

Looking for little doll friends who can fill your little one's dollhouse or lead to hours of creative play?

Girl playing with eco friendly baby toys

As a parent, there are plenty of challenges you may face as you select the right toys, opportunities, and solutions for your little one. Luckily, choosing eco-friendly baby toys is easier than you may think. Doing your research, selecting trustworthy companies, and investing in high-quality toys that will attract your little one's attention for years to come will help ensure that you are able to invest in toys that will help your little one grow.