8 Amazing Toddler Party Games for Your Child's Birthday Party

8 Amazing Toddler Party Games for Your Child's Birthday Party - The California Beach Co.

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If you are trying to come up with enough ways to keep a group of toddlers entertained for the duration of a birthday party, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of toddler party games that can provide hours of fun to even the youngest party guests. Although two- and three-year-olds are not quite ready for most favorite older kids' party games, some traditional games to play at a kids' party can be adapted to better fit the capabilities and interest level of most toddlers. Fun party games for toddlers need to be less complex and present a minimum number of concepts for them to keep their minds on at a time to ensure that they are able to find success and enjoyment until they are ready for the activities their older siblings love. 

Although party games that are designed for toddlers tend to require a bit more guidance and reminders from an adult to keep young children engaged, this can be attainable if you are planning to ask your guests' parents to stay throughout the party. While this is not always necessary for or wanted by older kids, toddlers may be upset to be away from their parents, and parents may not be quite ready to leave their toddlers with a parent that they do not personally know very well. For this reason, it is perfectly reasonable to ask parents to stay if you would prefer to, and many may ask either way. This way, you can also count on having plenty of help when it comes to keeping games going, and you can even add special party favors or other surprises for the parents!

Here are eight of our favorite toddler games for birthday parties that can make what is likely among your young guests' first birthday parties a fun and memorable experience!

Girl hitting a party pinata

Fill a Piñata that Matches the Theme of Your Party

Toddlers may need a bit of help from an adult when it comes to learning how to whack a piñata instead of each other, but the shower of treats that this classic party game creates can delight children of any age. Piñatas are available from party stores in just about any character or other design you can imagine, and choosing one in a character from your child's favorite TV show or something that matches the theme of your party is usually not difficult.

Choosing candy, toys, and other goodies that are safe and appropriate for toddlers can take a little creativity, but there are plenty of options available. Be sure to plan ahead to make sure there are plenty of treats for everyone, especially if there are any older and faster siblings at your toddler's party. 

Children passing around a gift

Pass the Parcel to Let Children Win Another Prize

Pass the Parcel is another simple game that gives young children the excitement of heading home with another prize. To set this game up, you will simply need to wrap small toys, candies, or other prizes in a ball of Saran wrap. Children can then pass this ball around a circle while music is playing, and the child who is holding it when the music stops gets to unwrap the next prize.

Although you do not necessarily have to have children stop playing once they receive a prize, this can be a good idea when playing with toddlers to ensure that everyone gets something and avoid arguments. This game teaches toddlers to follow directions by continuing to pass the ball until they are told to stop, rather than simply holding onto it in order to become the next winner. 

Toddler kicking a ball

Pass the Ball

Pass the Ball is an adaptation of Pass the Parcel that may work better for toddlers. If you are concerned that a child may simply destroy the Saran wrap ball and ruin the game if they don't quite understand why they shouldn't, you can simply replace it with any ball and have the child that wins each round select a prize from a bag or bowl. This alternative creates a toddler party game that also helps minimize arguments by allowing children to choose the prize they want.  

Two toddlers playing 'follow the leader'

Follow the Leader

Toddlers love copying others, and Follow the Leader is a classic outlet for this form of organized chaos. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can lead children around your yard, the park, the beach, or wherever your toddler's party is being held in a traditional game of Follow the Leader, or you can simply stand and have them copy your actions.

Kids can also take turns being the leader, which helps them learn the importance of taking turns and build their own leadership skills by coming up with where they want the other guests to go or what they want them to do. Toddlers and young children can be surprisingly creative, and letting them come up with the most fun actions they can is a simple way to let them express their individuality. 

Children playing musical statues

Musical Statues

Musical Statues is basically the opposite of Follow the Leader. This game gives toddlers the chance to have a blast dancing when music is playing and competing to freeze as quickly as possible when the music stops. When playing with older children, players are typically eliminated if they are seen moving after the music stops and a winner is eventually crowned, but it can also be just for fun with toddlers that are still learning to listen for the music to stop and what that pause means within the context of the game. 

Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is another classic game that is simple enough for even toddlers to understand. The excitement of racing around a circle can be the perfect solution if your group of toddlers is getting a bit rowdy. Waiting to be chosen to play also helps toddlers develop patience, even as their excitement builds. 

Toddler doing a scavenger hunt

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Although toddlers are not quite ready to read a list of things to find, putting together a scavenger hunt that is at their level can be just as easy and just as much fun. By "hiding" a few larger toys or similar items in easy locations around your party location, you can give them one thing to look for at a time to keep their attention span and give them the opportunity to successfully find a prize they get to keep. Keeping them focused on finding one item with the reward of getting to bring it home helps develop the ability to focus on the task at hand that they will need to succeed in school and later in life. 

Child blowing bubbles in the middle of a field

Blow Bubbles

Although bubbles are not exactly a game, toddlers love them! Running a bubble machine that the kids can dance around or letting them blow their own from miniature bottles is a simple way to keep them mesmerized. Miniature bottles of bubbles can also make affordable and creative party favors to keep their fun going once they head home. 

These toddler party games can be the perfect starting point for planning a celebration that is fun for both your tiny party guests and their parents if they stay for the duration of your party. At The California Beach Co., we love connecting parents with the most innovative, fun, and educational tools for making the first few years with their children memorable, and his or her first few birthday parties are certainly no exception. Keeping tots entertained may take a bit more creativity than choosing children's games for a party for older kids, but with a little extra effort, your child's early birthday parties can be just as memorable as the ones that come later.