13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Toddlers of 2022

13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Toddlers of 2022 - The California Beach Co.

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Mother’s Day is coming up, and while many of us (even us at The California Beach Co) tend to procrastinate gift-giving, we say this: why not get a jump start on it this time? This especially goes for those with little ones who want to do something for their mom/parent, but don’t quite have the resources or motor skills to cook something up on their own. 

If you’re one of those people, don’t worry - we’re here to help you come up with the best Mother’s Day present your toddler can give your significant other (or to you!) that is easy, inexpensive, and meaningful.
From craft gifts to appreciation letters to Mother’s Day origami, we’ll give you everything you need to help your kiddo create something that will make this Mother’s Day truly special! 

We’ll go through some basic ideas, ideas for gifts that toddlers can make, Mother’s Day crafts for infants, some last-minute DIYs (for those of us who are a little busy), some useful gifts for moms/parents that won’t break the bank, and we’ll finish off with some great activity ideas for Mother’s Day weekend

Break out the safety scissors, because it’s time to get crafty the kiddo way!

13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Toddlers of 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

No matter what you have (or don’t have) around the house, this list will help you come up with the best ideas that will both keep your child entertained AND result in an amazing gift - whether that’s something you buy, something they make, or just some quality time activities for kids and moms/parents alike!

Craft Gifts

Let’s start with the easiest (and arguably, the most fun) section! Making crafts for Mother’s Day is a great way for families to spend time together, especially families with kids. Little children are naturally curious, and crafting is a great way to stimulate their brains while giving them the reward of creating something on their own.

You can make most of these crafts with stuff you find around the house, but if you’ve got the time, maybe stop by your local store to pick up some child-safe crafting supplies (safety scissors, finger paints, glitter, you know the drill).

Mother’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

 1. Paper Plate Painting

Paper plates are easy to find, easy to use, and shockingly versatile for crafts. One of the easiest routes is to use your paper plate to create an animal that you/your SO likes, or one that your toddler likes. All your kiddo needs to do is paint that animal on a paper plate, and BOOM! You’re done! If you aren’t big on animals, you can create flowers on paper plates too. Let your kid’s imagination run wild!

paper plate mothers day gift from toddler

2. Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

While cards aren’t always valued, getting a card from your child that emphasizes how much you mean to them can be one of the most meaningful gifts a mother/parent can get. This is one of those Mother’s Day gifts from toddlers that will be kept for years to come!
All you need for this is colored construction paper, some colorful markers, and your child’s imagination! (Make sure you’re around to supervise if your child needs some help spelling or drawing, of course.)

mothers day card from toddler3. Handprint Flower Bouquet

Kids love getting messy. This is simply a fact of life. So, what better way to let them get messy than to get them to create something lovely while they do it? Handprint flowers are a great craft that lets your kid get their hands messy, and more importantly, they make for perfect Mother’s Day crafts for infants and toddlers!
All you need for this is white construction paper, finger paint, glue/tape, safety scissors, and some pipe cleaners. Cut out your child’s handprint, stick it on a pipe cleaner, and viola! Make a paper vase for some extra ‘zazz.

handprint mothers day craft for toddler

4. Easy Origami for Mom

This is for slightly older toddlers and young kids. Origami is a peaceful family activity that can teach children about patience, focus, and being delicate. Plus, the end result makes the perfect craft for Mother’s Day! You may need to stop by the store to grab some origami paper, but that’s all you’ll need. 

easy origami craft for toddler5. Decorate a Mason Jar Vase

This is one of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for toddlers - it’s easy, cute, and the end result is always beautiful. All you’ll need for this is a mason jar, some acrylic craft paint (make sure you’re supervising while your child uses this as it’s not safe to eat), and some thread.
Have your kiddo paint to their hearts desire on the mason jar, tie a colorful thread around the top, place some flowers in, and you’re done!

Mason jar craft

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Kids

We’ve all been there - Mother’s Day creeps up on us sometimes! Luckily, there are lots of last minute DIY gift ideas for kids that can be made quickly, easily, and without any hassle:

Last Minute DIY Mothers Day Gifts

6. Handprint Painting/Mother's Day Painting

All you need is some construction paper, finger paints, and an area that you don’t mind getting paint all over. Have your kid make handprint art, or just let them go nuts with finger painting. After that (if you’ve got the time), frame it and viola! A cute mom/parent gift in no time!

mothers day painting by toddler

7. Popsicle House Art

Glue and popsicle sticks are a crafter’s best friends. You’ll need construction paper, markers, popsicle sticks, and non-toxic glue (you may want to help your toddler with the actual gluing part).

Have your kiddo make some fun art with popsicle sticks, and add some drawing/glitter. Easy, quick, and memorable!

young girl with popsicle stick house she built

8. Pipe Cleaner Flowers

The ultimate Mother’s Day decorationsAll you need are some colorful pipe cleaners (make sure you have some green ones for stems), and a container to put them in. Don’t be surprised if you want to just make a few on your own.

Have your kiddo make swirls, loops, and circles with the pipe cleaners, but make sure to let them do their own thing if they get frustrated or want to follow their own path. Let their creativity bloom! After they’re done, have them attach their design to a green stem, and put it in a vase. A fun and easy Mother’s Day gift from toddlers! 

Pipe Cleaner flower

9. A 5 Things I Love About Mom/Dad/X List

This Mother’s Day craft for infants takes the least amount of effort but gets you the maximum amount of positive feedback - so if you’re short on time, try this one! All you need is paper and some markers. Make a nice “5 Things I love About Mom/Dad/X” title, and add the numbers and lines for your toddler to write in what they love about you/your SO (You can also write down what they say in case they’re not quite at the writing level yet). 

toddler writing mothers day card

Essential Extras for Moms/Parents (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Looking to add on some extra gifts to show you care, or maybe just to treat yourself? Pair up these inexpensive (but thoughtful) Mother’s Day gifts with your kid’s DIY present to make a Mother’s Day you/your SO will never forget!

Useful Mother’s Day Gifts

10. Spa Products

No one needs a spa day more than moms/parents. Treat yourself or significant other to some personal time with bath bombs, towels, and nice smelling candles along with the craft gifts for their own personal spa day! It’s low cost with high reward.

11. A Playpen

A lightweight, portable playpen can be a godsend for any parent of young toddlers and infants. Grab a Pop N’ Go playpen for its portability, comfort, and convenience. Set it up and get some peace of mind knowing your little one is in a safe, comfortable playpen that’s big enough for the two of you!

12. A Beach/Outdoor/Playtime Blanket

Versatile blankets are a game changer. Try out our California Voyager blankets- they can turn into a drawstring backpack for on-the-go activities, they have weighted corners, and are perfect for playtime outdoors, at the beach, or in the house!

13. A Gift Card

Having a hard time picking out which gift to grab? Just grab a California Beach Co gift card for yourself/your SO and attach it to your kid’s craft gift for an easy way to expand on your Mother’s Day present!

Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers and Above

While Mother’s Day gifts from toddlers are a great way to start/end the day, you have to fill in that time! Here are some great ideas for activities for the whole family to spend time together:

  • Create a Mom & Me Collage

Collages are amazing crafting projects that allow your kiddos to exercise their creative muscle. Print out some of your favorite photos, grab the paint and glue, and have a blast with your child creating something truly special!

  • Dress Up Play

Did somebody say fashion show? (We did!) Little kids love dressing up - whether it’s in costumes, their clothes, or even your clothes. Let your child pick out their wardrobe as well as yours, and put on the fashion show of a lifetime for hours of fun!

  • Make a Nature Collage

Live in an area with lots of nature? Use that to your advantage by creating some nature craft gifts! Go out with your child and have them pick some flowers, leaves, and anything they find pretty. This allows them to learn about nature and stimulates their curiosity. When you’re all done, glue your work together in a collage on paper or wood!

  • Family Games

Take it back to the classics with some timeless games for toddlers! Hide and seek, peek-a-boo, and tag are great ways to spend time with your little ones while letting them exert some of that pent-up energy! 

Takeaway: 2022 Mother's Day Gifts from Toddlers

Make this Mother’s Day truly special for the whole family! If you’re looking for any other products for little kids that make your life easier, any tips or tricks, or anything else, check out our website

Happy Mother’s Day

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