Why Babies Love the California Voyager Blanket

Why Babies Love the California Voyager Blanket - The California Beach Co.

We all know that adults love the California Voyager Blanket, but did you know that babies love this blanket as well? That’s right, this is the perfect family accessory to set up anywhere for your baby to crawl around on. Here are a few reasons why this blanket is ideal for babies! 👶🏼🥰

It is surprisingly soft 😍

We were honestly shocked when we felt the California Voyager Blanket for the first time because it really is that soft. This super soft material is incredibly soothing and comfortable for young babies. As a water and sand resistant material, your blanket will stay soft and clean even after multiple, outdoor uses. 

Made with natural and safe materials 👍🏼

The material that makes up the California Voyager Blanket is entirely safe and nontoxic. Made from natural bamboo, the material is safe for babies of all ages and won’t even irritate sensitive skin. This blanket is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, and it can easily be washed in the washing machine. 

It’s the perfect tummy time mat 🤗

Tummy time is a fun and exciting aspect of being a new parent. It is important to have a nice soft area to set your baby down for tummy time each day. The California Voyager Blanket makes the perfect tummy time mat because it is so spacious and soft. Your baby will never run out of space to explore — even when they start crawling!

Take it anywhere! 🌍

The California Voyager Blanket can easily be folded up and taken anywhere. Take this blanket to your favorite park, the beach, or your friend’s house to show your baby a new and exciting area. Your baby will love being able to explore and play in so many new locations and the California Voyager Blanket offers a guaranteed safe and clean area to set your baby down. 

Soothing color tones ☺️

The neutral and soothing color tones that the California Voyager Blanket is available in are perfect for babies. Have you ever noticed how most baby products are brightly colored and overly stimulatory? The California Voyager Blanket is available in three different unique, soothing color tones including mini mountains, royal rainbows, and whimsical waves. All of these color options are made up of neutral grays and whites offering a soft and soothing aesthetic. 

At the California Beach Co., we strive to develop products that make life easier for children and families and creating the California Voyager Blanket was no exception. With soft patterns, natural material, and the ability to go anywhere, the family adventures are endless with the California Voyager Blanket at your disposal. 😉✨