What patented features separate the Pop N’ Go from other playpens?

What patented features separate the Pop N’ Go from other playpens? - The California Beach Co.

“Innovation is seeing what every one has seen and thinking about what nobody has thought.” -Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

Anyone can decide to create a product but the real value comes in bringing something new to the table when you do create that product. The Pop N’ Go Playpen was meant to bring more to the industry than just work as another “good choice” for a playpen. We wanted to be the BEST choice.

In order to do so, we had to get innovative and think of a way to bring the value that everyone was seeking from their pop up play yard. When we started to envision the Pop N Go tent, we thought of the key problems that most play yards currently have. It didn’t take long to think of a few key points:

  • Too heavy for travel
  • Hard to assemble
  • Cheap quality and material
  • Not big enough
  • Not safe enough
  • Hard to disassemble

Sound familiar? Our goal was to create a lightweight play yard that was functional, practical, and long-lasting, so your family could enjoy it for the years to come, and for parents to set up with ease!

Patented pop up feature on the pop n go playpen

What is our patented feature on the Pop N Go Playpen?

We invented a pop-up technology that’s like no other on the current market. Our patented “pop-up-and-release” functionality makes this playpen the best travel play area. You can set up your Pop N’ Go in seconds by pulling up on the top of the playpen and “popping” it into place. It quickly opens, somewhat similar to opening an umbrella!
Mother using the pop up technology to assemble the portable playpen at the beach

It’s extremely fast and insanely durable. Once the playpen is popped into place, the hexagon-shaped, high-quality play yard is guaranteed to stay in place. It’s ASTM-International and SGS Safety-Certified, so you can be reassured your kids are under a fully functional tent.

This playpen for kids is built with fiberglass framing and strong weave-mesh material for an additional breeze when hanging out inside the play area.

The best part about this patented technology is you never have to worry about bringing it anywhere. The construction makes it so easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s effortless to pack up and take to the beach or Grandma’s house. Just pack it up in your included portable, shoulder-strap bag, and you’re ready to go!
The Pop N Go playpen packed up
If you’re looking for the ultimate playpen, you’ve found it. We are proud to bring this innovative product to the market and hope that it brings your family joy as it has ours. After all, having fun it what it’s all about!