We Think Dog Moms Are Taking Over Our Product…

We Think Dog Moms Are Taking Over Our Product… - The California Beach Co.

You thought the Pop N Go Playpen was for kids? That’s not what the dog moms are saying. Read on to find out why your fur baby needs a Pop N Play just as much as your real baby.

Two dogs relaxing outside their pop n go playpen

Dogs gotta play too…

Not only is the Pop N Go playpen a great space for your pup to play inside or outside, but it’s also a great way to keep them “supervised.” Dogs in general, but especially puppies need to be watched closely. They can get into mischief, too! 

The Pop N Go tent is like an upgraded cage in their eyes. The see-through mesh netting gives the tent an open-space feeling, rather than a cage that feels like they are locked up and isolated. 

It’s a great way to keep your eyes on them, whether outside in the open backyard or indoors cooking dinner. Dogs love to chew on the kid’s toys or your favorite shoes when you aren’t looking. Remember that! ;) 

Here’s what the dog moms are saying:

The dog moms are loving this tent and the best part is the fur babies are loving it just as much! One reviewer tells us an awesome story about her first (unexpected) experience with the Pop N Go Play Yard. 

“I purchased two Pop N Go’s originally for our son. However, their first big-time use was as an in-home ICU for our dogs,” says Rachel R., a verified customer. “They stayed super comfortable and had plenty of space for water and beds. The Pop N Go was easy to clean and move as needed. Showed it off to my DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) mom friends and they loved it!”

How incredible is that? 
A customer used the pop n go playpen as a in-home ICU for their sick dogs

Be a Cool Dog Mom

It’s time to be a cool dog mom. Your pup deserves it. They want to feel a part of the crowd even when they are separated from you. This tent will do just that! It may be a little ridiculous if you’re not a pet owner but every dog mom understands the love you have for a pet. You want them to be happy and feel safe in their own environment. This is the perfect space for them! 

Below you’ll see several other reviews from our lovely dog parents. Thank you for supporting our brand and choosing Pop N Go to keep your pets cozy. We’re grateful for you! 

customer review of dog playpen

customer review of dog playpen

customer review of dog playpen