Use the Pop N’ Go Pets to Get a Few Moments to Yourself

Use the Pop N’ Go Pets to Get a Few Moments to Yourself - The California Beach Co.

In the first few weeks as a new parent, you may feel like you never get a moment to yourself. 🙄 Most newborn babies need to be held around the clock and stepping away can be extremely challenging. Having a safe area to set your baby down is so important for a number of reasons. Even if you don’t have other kids, you will definitely have moments when you need to walk away from your baby. Not to mention, if you have a safe, cozy area where your baby likes to play it can be easier to get a few moments to just relax or even get some work done. 

Cue: The Pop N’ Go Pets🤩

The Pop N’ Go Pets provides the perfect place for younger babies to play and relax. The smaller size makes it a cozy and secure area for your baby and it even offers mesh windows to give your baby airflow and a view out into the world. You can set up the Pop N’ Go Pets anywhere because it is extremely lightweight, compact, and easy to set up. 🙌🏼

An easy to use playpen is ideal for the work-from-home parent or parents who are currently completing an online education. Since you can easily set up the Pop N’ Go Pets and give your young baby a safe and comfortable place to hang out, it gives you a chance to take out your laptop and get some work done. 👩🏼‍💻

This playpen also comes with an included padded mattress so it’s a perfectly safe place for your little one to nap when on the go. Pack up your things and head to the park or an outdoor cafe around nap time and your baby may just decide to snooze for a while in their playpen while you knock a few tasks off your to do list. 😎

Outside hanging out is a definite possibility with the Pop N’ Go Pets because it even comes with an included UV shade. You can kick back and enjoy the sunshine while your baby gets some much needed fresh air, remaining protected from a sunburn. ⛱

Any parent could benefit from owning the Pop N’ Go Pets. This versatile playpen can go anywhere with you and even give you a moment to yourself when you need it the most. Most babies love the cozy and compact design and it may even become your little one’s new favorite nap spot. 💤😉