Top Tips for Camping With Your Pet

Top Tips for Camping With Your Pet - The California Beach Co.

Want to bring your pet with on your next camping adventure? Don’t just assume that you have everything needed to bring your pet with. Here are a few top tips for camping with your pet that will allow for a fun and safe vacation for you and your furry friend. Make sure to pay attention and follow these tips to ensure the best camping excursion possible.

Bring a Leash

While this might seem like common sense, you should always make sure that your furry friend’s leash is in your bag when you have finished packing. Some pets do not even need a leash when they are home because they listen so well, however, where you are camping will determine if the leash is required. This might also be the perfect time for you to contact the campground or nature preserve that you are staying at to see what rules and regulations they have for pets.

Just make sure you double-check… you would rather be safe than sorry!

Contact Your Location

As stated above, different locations have different rules and regulations. Not only do you want to double-check to make sure you can even bring your pet with you, but you want to be aware of what is expected of you during your stay.

Just a small reminder that, because of the global pandemic we are living in right now, rules and regulations might be different than usual. Who knows—some campgrounds or parks might not even be open to the public at this time. Don’t just assume that everything is the same. Pick up the phone and call!

Purchase Necessary Items

You want to make sure you could have everything that you and your pet need. Some items might not be a necessity but could make life much more enjoyable and easier. An example of this is making sure you purchase one of our pet playpen mattress pads in order to make the perfect sleeping area in the tent for your pet! Not only will this mattress from us make your pet comfortable, but it will also help to keep them quiet and away from any wildlife they could encounter if they were not inside the tent.

It’s also never a bad a day to make sure you buy a portable water bowl—boy, do hikes make us all thirsty!

Be Courteous and Pick Up After Your Pet

Don’t be inconsiderate and add to the waste that is already in nature! So many people don’t take care of the outdoors and allow for pollutants and garbage to be spread throughout it because they are careless and don’t think ahead to pack bags to pick up their pet’s waste. Do your part in protecting the world that we live in by bringing disposable bags; make sure you always pick up after your pet.

Not picking up your pet waste can, unfortunately, damage the environment more severely than you would ever even think. By leaving the waste, you are allowing the soil and water to be contaminated by the bacteria and possible parasites that come with your pet’s waste and leaving it behind outside.

Please be considerate and do your part in making sure this is not the case; all you have to do is pick up your pet’s waste!

Always Keep Your Pet With You

Make sure your pet goes with you wherever you go. Don’t leave them behind while you go hiking or tie them to a tree while you bring the garbage to the designated area. You would think that leaving them behind might be more convenient or the best option; however, that is not always the case.

Not only would you be missing out on the moments that could turn into memories by leaving them behind, but you also are allowing for so many dangerous situations to present themselves. When in nature, you have to be prepared for the worst. This could mean that the weather could change quickly, or a wild animal could even come into your area. If you aren’t with your pet to protect them from either of these situations, or possibly something else, who knows what could happen. Be a responsible owner and always keep your pet by your side—you’ll both be happier in the long run.

Pack a Comb or Brush

Packing a brush or comb is always good so that you can comb out the fur of your pet after a long, adventurous day in the wilderness. This might be necessary if your pet encounters any sort of brush or debris in the wilderness that sticks to their coat.

In addition, combing or brushing your pet’s fur will also allow for your dog to be checked for ticks. Ticks not only can be dangerous to humans, but they can be dangerous to your pet’s health as well. Being proactive and making sure that no tick has attached itself to your beloved pet will keep them safe and healthy. It is always easier and safer the earlier you catch them.

Enjoy the Quality Time

These memories that you and your pet will make on this camping excursion will be moments that you cherish for a lifetime. Make sure that you take in the small, beautiful moments with your furry friend. If camping is a pastime that you love, how awesome is it to share it with your pet?

Take out that phone and snap a pic to have as a reminder of this specific trip!

Camping can be such a joyous time, however, if not you’re not prepared and don’t do it correctly, this excursion can cause more harm than enjoyment. Nobody wants their time off to be stressful. Do what you can to have the safest and most enjoyable trip for you and your pet.

Make sure you look through our website here at California Beach Co. to ensure that you have what you need for your vacation; as always, we offer to assist you and your pet when having the trip of your dreams. Between our products and these top tips for camping with your pet, you will be so well prepared for this next camping excursion.

Top Tips for Camping With Your Pet