The Best Camping Items for Toddlers

The Best Camping Items for Toddlers - The California Beach Co.

Camping is a favorite family pastime that many families love to do in their free time. However, it can be stressful to make sure that everybody has everything they need for the trip. If you have young children, this can be even more difficult and stressful, depending on their age. Don’t let that discourage you from having a trip of a lifetime!

You don’t need to stress out and cancel your trip simply because you don’t have the necessary items to bring with you. Do some research and use the items listed below as a packing guide. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best camping items for toddlers that will make for an awesome camping excursion.


Buying child-size binoculars allows for adventure and fun during your camping trip. Not only will your child feel special because they have a similar item to you, but they can also use it to spot different animals and aspects in the environment. This provides your child with an outlook that they are not used to and serves as a great learning moment as well.

What parent doesn’t love a fun, educational opportunity? Teach your kids all about the plants and animals they see through their binoculars. They will love the experience!

Travel Potty Chair

Potty training doesn’t stop just because you are camping. This is a crucial point in a child’s life, and bringing a travel potty chair on your trip will only help you in the long run. No parent wants the potty training process to last longer than it must. A travel potty chair folds up easily for travel and carrying purposes and comes with bags for cleanup. What more could you ask for?

Camping Toys

Toddlers are at an age where they are curious and want to do exactly what you are doing at all times. While some camping materials can be dangerous, it is important that you don’t continuously tell your child “no” when they want to take part in different camping rituals. Purchasing toy camping play sets allows your toddler to use all the same materials in a pretend manner. By bringing this type of toy set, you are also making it easier for your child to leave other toys at home, such as electronic gaming devices. Let them focus on the outdoors and the experience, not their screens.

Toddler Flashlight

Not only does buying your toddler a flashlight serve as an extra source of light during the nighttime, but it also serves as a source of entertainment. It seems silly, but your toddler will love nothing more than playing with the flashlight. You can even show them how to do shadow puppets, which is always a childhood favorite. This camping tool is so simple, yet so fun!

Camp chair

This is a great purchase that you can use for your camping trip and at home in your back yard. It isn’t comfortable to sit on a chair where your feet don’t touch the ground. Save space in the car and bring a toddler camp chair that allows your child to have a more comfortable and more realistic place to sit for meals, bonfires, and other camp activities. If your child is younger and won’t sit well in the camp chair, you can bring along a portable high chair instead.


Though electricity and connection might be limited where you are camping, this is still a great item to bring with you. Hanging a sheet on the side of your tent or car will serve as the perfect backdrop for your projector. Now you can enjoy watching your family’s favorite movie under the stars on the big screen!

Magnifying Glass

This camping necessity will bring more educational opportunities to the trip as well. Allow your child to get down and dirty, looking for insects and exploring with their magnifying glass. Not only will they be entertained, but this opportunity will allow them to take a closer look at the environment and everything it is made of. This magnifying glass might even come in handy for you too. Who knows when you might need to take a closer look at something while camping?

Backpack Carrier

Are you interested in going on a family hike? Don’t forgo this experience because you are afraid that your toddler cannot make it through the trail. Nobody should have to stay behind to watch the kids— everybody can enjoy the hike! Purchasing a backpack carrier enables you to still go on your hike and bring your toddler with.

You can use this item as an educational tool as well. Share with your child all the sights and sounds of nature, and make sure to pack their new child binoculars so they can get a good look at everything around them. This might even end up being their favorite part of the whole trip.

Pop-Up Tent

Purchasing a pop-up tent is the way to go to handle difficult sleeping arrangements. Here at California Beach Co., we have the perfect product for you. Our freestanding, portable Pop N’ Go is the perfect option to take on your next camping trip. Not only does this product provide UV shade during the day, but it also helps keep bugs away at night. The best part is that you can order your favorite color, whether you prefer a vibrant orange or lovely pink pop-up tent. We also sell self-inflating mattress pads separately for your comfort.

If, by chance, you run into another problem and can’t seem to find a sitter for your pet, simply bring them along on the trip. At California Beach Co., we offer a multitude of products that are perfect for your pet. These products, such as the pop-up tent, provide a safe and secure area for both pets and toddlers to relax and rest their eyes.

These products will all ensure that you and your family have the best time camping. Don’t worry about over or under-packing—simply make a list of things you think you and your family might need while out in the wilderness. Making sure to bring all the best camping items for toddlers will ensure a happy camping trip for all. These camping trips will create memories that you and your child will carry with you for a lifetime.

The Best Camping Items for Toddlers