The California Beach Blanket Can Be Used Year Round

The California Beach Blanket Can Be Used Year Round - The California Beach Co.

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall -- the California Beach Blanket is a versatile accessory that has you covered all year long. Whether you’re laying out by the pool in the middle of July, or cozying up on the living room floor for a family movie on a chilly Winter night, this blanket is useful 365 days a year. At California Beach Co. we strive to create accessories that are versatile and useful for anyone. 🙌🏼

Take it anywhere ✈️

The California Beach Blanket can go anywhere with you. It is lightweight, easy to fold up, and it even includes an attached carrying bag that has pockets for all of your items. Beach, park, picnic, pool, or even inside your home; it’s the perfect blanket to lay out on wherever you are. The soft, natural material is safe for anyone in your family and creates the perfect foundation for family activities. ☺️

Weather-resistant features 🌧

This blanket is sand, water, and heat resistant, making it built for any outdoor adventure. The weighted corners keep it secured in place no matter the weather, and it even comes with ground stakes for extra windy days. The soft, breathable bamboo material won’t make you overheat when it’s sunny but it will still keep you cozy on cooler days as well. 😎

It’s even eco-friendly! 🌍

That’s right, this blanket is made from bamboo, which also happens to be one of the fastest growing materials on the planet! This abundant resource is much more practical and renewable than other materials. ♻️

Striking color options 😍

Choose from any of our three color options to find the one that works best for you. The muted tones and striking patterns make this blanket beautiful in any color option and stylish for any season. 🍁

There are so many ways to use it! 😱

At California Beach Co., we pride ourselves in making useful, versatile products for families and individuals, and the California Beach Blanket is no exception to this rule! This blanket is durable and functional. Here are a few (of the many) ways to use it:

  • Use it as a craft station for kiddos. 🎨
  • It’s the perfect tummy time mat for babies. 👶🏼
  • As a beach blanket (duh!) 🏖
  • Host a picnic at your favorite park. 🧺
  • Stretch out and do some yoga. 🤸🏽‍♀️
  • Lay out by the pool. 👙

The uses for this blanket go on and on. What’s your favorite way to use yours?