The Best Way to Crate Train Your Dog: The Pop 'N Go® Pets Playpen

The Best Way to Crate Train Your Dog: The Pop 'N Go® Pets Playpen - The California Beach Co.

The Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen is so much more than just a fun accessory for your furry friend. It can serve as their home within your home - especially if you use it throughout crate training. By crate training with the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen, you’re giving your pet the gift of their own cozy habitat while gently teaching them who’s in charge.

Pop N Go Pets Playpen

Creature Comforts

The words “crate training” don’t exactly sound warm and inviting at first listen. However, the whole purpose of crate training is to provide comfort for your pet, not punishment. Your pet’s crate - or in this case, playpen tent, should serve as their designated spot. No matter how fluffy and cute your puppy is, they still possess an animal mentality. In order for animals to feel comfortable, especially canines, they need to know where they stand in the structure of their pack. By giving them a specific place to go, they can better understand their role and feel more comfortable with you, your role, and the other people residing in your home. 

Decorating the Interior of Your Pop 'N Go Playpen ® Pets Playpen

Have a little fun sprucing up your dog’s den. Keep in mind, this space should be cozy enough for him or her to hang out in for hours. Snuggly dog blankets or beds are a must for providing a welcoming abode. We also encourage you to include toys and a small-sized water bowl. Just make sure all of the items you include are super durable and safe. 

Pop N Go Pets Playpen

Welcome, Home with the Pop N' Go!

Once you’re done decorating, you can invite your puppy to check out the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen. Do so by luring them in with treats and the toys they especially treasure. It’s also important to introduce your dog to its pen little by little, in small increments over time. Stay nearby for the first few times they’re hanging out in their Pop ‘N Go ® Tent. They will be looking for confirmation from you that their new home is safe. Your pup will need to get used to its surroundings before you leave for long periods of time or keep them in there overnight. 

 Pop N Go Pets Playpen

Let Your Pet Know They’re a Good Boy or Girl

Ample rewards are key to proper dog training. When you’re in the process of crate training your dog, make sure you have plenty of treats on you at all times. It’s always important to confirm their understanding of your commands with positive reinforcement, whether it be through treats or plenty of affection. If your fur baby retreats to the Pop ‘N Go on their own, deliver positive reinforcement. If they follow your instructions to head that way, affirm their job well done. It’s all about repetition. 

Making Crate Training Comfortable? What a Good Pet Owner!

Give yourself a pat on the back! By taking the time to crate train your dog, you’re allowing them to feel safe and secure in their role and surroundings. With its roomy interior, durable construction, and breathable mesh view panels, the Pop ‘N Go ® Pets Playpen will help you set up the coziest camp for your pet. 

Pop N Go Pets Playpen