Introducing the Pop N Go Playpen: Pet’s Edition!

Introducing the Pop N Go Playpen: Pet’s Edition! - The California Beach Co.

The California Beach Co. has created a tent with your other babies in mind - your fur babies! We are so excited to debut our new Pop N Go Playpen made specifically for pets.

The Pop N Go Pet’s Playpen provides a comfy chill zone for your furry friends that you can plop down indoors, outdoors, and any and all other kinds of situations! Whether you’re out and about or hanging out at home, your pet will be right by your side inside their own special pack and play tent. Without further ado, keep reading to see what’s in store for you and your pet. 

Dog mom sitting outside with her puppy inside the pop n go pets playpen taking pictures

Taking “Lightweight” to a New Level

Most pet homes are designed with portability in mind; however, the Pop N Go Pet’s Playpen can’t be beaten when it comes to easy travel. This pet playpen seriously only weighs five pounds! This means you can tote around this fold-up playhouse and take it with you literally anywhere. Even if you’re on a rigorous hike or run, you’ll barely notice the addition of this awesome accessory. 

Don’t confuse “lightweight” with “delicate” either. Made of polyester, vinyl, and mesh siding, this product uses the most durable materials to prevent any kind of damage. Even the most rambunctious pet won’t be able to rip or tear this tent. 

Due to its resilient durability, indoor and outdoor use is welcomed. A simple wipe or hose down will clean up this tent with ease, no matter how dirty it gets. If you’re concerned about your precious pet overheating, this play tent can adapt in a breeze. Simply fold up the flaps to manage airflow quickly and easily. Another user-friendly feature is its built-in storage pocket. It allows you to stash your pet’s leash, treats, and toys safely and out of their reach. The tent measures in at a 39-inch by 33-inch size, making this petite palace the perfect size for small to medium-sized animals. 

It Comes with the Works

The Pop N Go Pet’s Playpen also comes with the necessary accessories to weather any storm. In case of harsh sunlight or rain, you can pop on the UV shade cover for instant relief from uncomfortable weather conditions. The breathable mesh build of the tent will still allow for plenty of air-flow while flaps are down or its shade cover is on. It’s included travel bag comes in handy as well, transporting to-and-from activities.

Once you arrive at your location, our patented Pop N’ Click technology expands and locks in the structure of your tent within a matter of seconds. All you need to do is insert the ground stakes and you’ll have an extra-stable tent. Your fur baby is in good hands when chilling in the pet pack and play! 

It’s a Kennel! It’s a Crate! It’s Pop N Pets!

“Playpen” is a broad term for this extremely versatile pet home. When indoors, you can add some blankets or a mattress pad to provide a naptime nest for your companion. It can also be used as a crate for puppy training or a kennel on car rides. When outdoors, the Pop N Go Pet’s Playpen turns into a hang-out zone for your pet while you picnic, do yoga, attend concerts, play sports - you name it. You can officially bring your sidekick anywhere without having to hang on to them at all times! You and your pet will enjoy this kind of freedom. 

A Special Space for Your Treasured Pet

Are you obsessed with your pets? Cool, so are we. We encourage you to spoil your furry loved ones! What better way to do that than to give them their own little abode? They’ll be so grateful to have their own spot. What’s more, they’ll be able to accompany you on more adventures! Have fun without leaving your pet at home with the Pop N Go Pet’s Playpen! 🐶