The Best Outdoor Accessories for Your Pet

The Best Outdoor Accessories for Your Pet - The California Beach Co.

The Best Outdoor Accessories for Your Pet

If your pet is the adventurous type and loves to be outdoors, it might be to your benefit to look at the different accessories that can be purchased to better their experience. Whether you are planning an outdoor adventure or just enjoying your backyard, there are numerous products and items that can improve the experience for you and your pet. Luckily for you, there are accessories out there that will work well with every budget. Continue reading below for a list of the best outdoor accessories for your pet.

Pet Life Jacket

Who doesn’t love a beautiful day spent on the water? If you want your pet to enjoy the fun that comes with being on the water, then get them a pet life jacket. This outdoor accessory is one of the absolute best because it allows you to bring your best furry friend on the water with you—plus, most importantly of all, it allows them to be safe while enjoying the experience. This item can also work well even if you aren’t out on your boat or at the beach; get it for your backyard pool, too.

There are even life jackets with special designs—who doesn’t love the life jacket with the fin? You can turn your cuddly pup into a ferocious shark in no time!

Boat Ramp

To go right along with the pet life jacket, a boat ramp is the easiest way to get your dog in and out of the water. It provides a safe and stable foundation for your pet either from the water or the dock! If boating is a normal activity for you and your pet, this might just be a great and beneficial purchase. The best part is that this ramp is transferable—you can bring it from boat to boat.

Collapsible Bowl

This purchase is a wonderful accessory to have for any outdoor activity. A collapsible bowl allows you to give your pet water no matter where you are or what you are doing. Not only is it convenient but being able to collapse it and put it in your bag is also a wonderful benefit. Don’t let your pet go thirsty!

Paw-Protecting Boots

Whether you are taking your pet for a walk on the beach, hiking through the mountains, or simply walking down the street, pet protecting boots are the perfect purchase for your pet. They keep your pet’s paws safe no matter the location of your next adventure. This way, your pet’s paws go unharmed and you both can still stay active.

Tasty Treats

While this is not an accessory, treats are necessary to bring with on your pet’s adventures. Not only can they be used as an enticing way to get your pet to follow directions, but treats can also be used as a form of positive reinforcement. Keep them in your backpack on all of your adventures!

Pet Playpen

If you don’t have a fenced-in backyard or you are looking to bring your pet with on your next outdoor excursion, this might just be the product for you. The pet playpen is the perfect accessory for a multitude of reasons. If you are looking for a training device or a travel crate, this doubles as both. Plus, it is easy to set up and transport.

Cooling Mat

When it gets too hot while you are outside, this might be the perfect outdoor accessory to get for your pet. The cooling mat allows your dog to relax and not overheat at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds! You can use this cooling mat no matter where you and your pet are. Sitting by the pool? Chilling at the beach? Camping in the wilderness? This matt rolls up and can go wherever you need it to.

This also can be an item that you just keep laid out at your home for your pet. They will love it!

GPS Collar

Don’t let your dog get lost! If you are looking for the perfect accessory to help keep track of your dog on your large piece of property or when you are hunting, a GPS collar will be the perfect purchase for you. While this device is expensive, it will be worth it when locating your pet on your next adventure. The best part? If you have more than one pet, this device can track up to 10 pups at a time. How awesome is that?

Doggy Backpack

If your bag is full for your outdoor adventure, get your pet one of these backpacks. Not only does it allow you to carry your own items, but it also allows your pet to carry their own essential items. If you need room for that collapsible water bowl, then put it in the doggy backpack! It is small and isn’t heavy, so it won’t be a hassle for the dog to carry it when it is secured to them. This backpack will be perfect no matter the outdoor activity.

Foldable Frisbee

This portable toy is both convenient and fun. This lightweight frisbee lets you and your pet have the best time. Take it with you camping, pack it when you go to the park, or grab it when you are enjoying your backyard. This frisbee will be nothing but fun!

If you and your furry friend are looking for a few ways to improve your outdoor adventures, these items might just be perfect. Here at California Beach Co., we have just the right options for you. The pet playpen is one of our signature items and would be your best pet purchase. Check out all of our options today to find the best one for you and your furry friend! The colors and sizes differ depending on what you need.

In addition to purchasing the pet playpen, you should consider all these best outdoor accessories for your pet to ensure they are having the time of their life! Both you and your pet will be very impressed—plus, these items will help you make some treasured memories.

The Best Outdoor Accessories for Your Pet