Thankful is an Understatement: Here’s How We Are Giving Back

Thankful is an Understatement: Here’s How We Are Giving Back - The California Beach Co.

As everyone (including storefronts), share their thanks and announce their deals for the end of year savings, we decided we’re going to get a little deeper with you this holiday season. 

Shedding light on the Thanksgiving season puts a good taste in a customer’s mouth- after all, this is the holiday of harvest! That’s enough reason alone to make a post about how “we’re so thankful,” (which we are) but me and you both know that a simple, digital “thanks” doesn’t feel like the warm hug you get from your ma and pop during this time of year. 

Black Pop N Go

Basically, we can’t grab your neck and tell you how much we love you and how thankful we are for you. For starters, it’d probably come off really weird and secondly, we just don’t have the capacity to meet and greet each of our lovely customers. We’re talkin’ worldwide, people! However, that doesn’t mean that our love and gratitude isn’t as real as that warm, welcoming hug.

Here’s what we can do.  

We can be honest with you. We can share our memories with you. And we can celebrate moments with our loved ones, knowing that there are others out there (like you) right now doing the same thing: celebrating moments. And maybe, just maybe… our products are playing a role in those memories. 

The Pop N Go Playpen was a deep desire that we knew was needed rather than just a “profitable business idea.” We wanted something that was practical, safe, and fun for our kids and pets to play. You saw that, too and you trusted us to provide you with that. Thankful is an understatement. 

hanging bucket of flowers

We don’t take your trust lightly. 

When it comes to The California Beach Co, we value feedback and opinion. We appreciate criticism and we WANT to know how we can improve. We also know that it’s just as important for us to be honest with you. We want to keep you updated. That’s why we send out a newsletter that announces any big sales, new product releases, or just some wise words that may help your family grow and strengthen. 

We really do care about you and we want to bring more to you than just a product. We’re your friends here at Cali Beach Co! We hope that this message came off as genuine as it could. Below you can find details on our Black Friday Deals, how we give back in every order and watch the very first video of where it all began… our Kickstarter campaign video. 

It’s amazing how much of an impact the Pop N Go playpen has made in such a short period of time. It’s because of YOU! We hope you have a lovely holiday season! Don’t forget to hug each other's necks! 


A mother and her child walking in the backyard with the Pop N Play


The California Beach Co has proudly partnered with a local non-profit organization here in California known as Pen + Napkin. A portion of all Pop N Go proceeds go to furnishing and decorating homes for families that are transitioning from homelessness.