Skeptical about Poppin’ Up Our Playpen on Your Own? Here’s our Trick

Skeptical about Poppin’ Up Our Playpen on Your Own? Here’s our Trick - The California Beach Co.

We've gotten several questions from concerned parents and grandparents about how in the world they'd be able to pop up the Pop N Go Playpen all by themselves. Whether you're six-foot-tall or four-eleven, with this simple trick, anyone can pop up this playpen with ease! 

The Pop N Go Playpen works with its state of the art pop-up and pop-down technology. Right in the center of the tent, our patented design allows users to pop up the playpen in seconds, literally! 

Once the tent has popped up, you simply have to press down. Once you hear a click, you'll know that the Pop N Go is locked securely in place. 

reinforced fiber-glass framing on playpen

What Happens If I Can't Reach The Center of The Pop N Go?

So, what happens if you're on the short side or the "weak side?" Well, the answer is nothing changes... because you'll be able to pop up and pop down this playpen with ease, too!

We understood how this may be a concern for shorter individuals or grandparents that aren't looking to break a sweat. For starters, the Pop N Go Playpen only weighs 7.2 pounds, so it's most likely less weight than your grandkids! Also, it comes packaged in the shoulder travel bag case. You can simply place one side of it on the ground and pull the case off. No heavy lifting for the get-go! 

Here's the Trick...

Austin, Co-Founder of The California Beach Company made a short video to show you how simple it really is to pop up, regardless of your height or strength, especially with this simple trick... watch below! 

To gain a better stance, once you have the Pop N Go up but not yet snapped into place, simply step inside the tent so your body is equal to the mechanism and pop it into place! 

It's as simple as that, folks! For extra stability, the Pop N Go has an extra lock attached to the tent that ensures it's not coming down no matter who tugs and pulls on it!

We hope this shows you the simple functionality that the Pop N Go provides and makes it that much easier to #addtocart! We appreciate all of you and love seeing you pop up in your own homes! 

Grab Your Pop N Go Now! 

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