A Personal Clubhouse for Your Kids

A Personal Clubhouse for Your Kids - The California Beach Co.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids had somewhere they could call their own, no matter where they were? The Pop N Go Portable Playpen can serve as your kid’s personal clubhouse. 

Children have the tendency to get a little obsessed with certain gifts. Parents, you know what we’re talking about. Your daughter wakes up every morning and puts on that Cinderella costume from Halloween, even though it’s… June. Let’s not forget about your son who will not go a second without his favorite superhero action figure. 

Don’t you wish you could get your kids obsessed with staying in their closed-off playroom while you get things done around the house? Yeah, try impossible. Fortunately, we think we have a product that your kids will truly LOVE to spend all their time in… and it keeps them enclosed, too! 

Tell Me More…

The Pop N Go Playpen is a portable playpen that weighs less than eight pounds! It’s safe, practical, and lightweight. You can also set it up inside or outside! With a patented pop-up and pop-down technology, you can assemble and disassemble the Pop N Go in seconds. 

“I don’t want to have to set up a bulky tent every day to keep my kids entertained.” 

We hear ya! That’s exactly why we made it SUPER easy to assemble and put away. Follow this video to see how it works while setting up inside! You can either pop it down and wrap it up with the attached strap (like an umbrella) or pack it all the way up in the included shoulder travel bag! Whether it’s in the corner or your living room strapped or wrapped entirely in the storage closet, it takes seconds to put away. 

“How do I know the play tent won’t accidentally dissemble on its own? 

Well, the patented technology that pop’s the playpen into place has a secure locking system. You’ll hear a simple “click” knowing it’s popped into place. BUT for extra safety, every Pop N Go includes an attached mechanism that goes in between the lock to hold it sturdy no matter what. Even the craziest of kids won’t be able to disassemble this tent on their own!

Why will my kids love it so much?

This tent is going to make your child feel like they have their very own personal clubhouse. Considering it’s big enough to fit you inside, it seems GIGANTIC to them! They will love having a secret place to have tea parties with their princess dolls or fight bad guys with all their action figures. The pets can even hang with them in the tent, too! (The material that makes up the Pop N Go is pet-friendly). 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your little one their own personal clubhouse today!