Did You Know You Can Get a Pop 'N Go Playpen for just $39?

Did You Know You Can Get a Pop 'N Go Playpen for just $39? - The California Beach Co.

Only 39 dollars? I know that must’ve gotten your attention… How can you buy a hundred-dollar playpen for less than $40? 🧐 Welllllllll, you can pay $39 today and then, over a short period of time, pay the rest! The California Beach Co. is now using Affirm to set up interest-free payments! 

Interest-free and no buyers remorse 

So, you’ve been eyeing the Pop ‘N Go playpen for months. You’ve watched all the sales and had your favorite color out of all the different tents available sitting in your shopping cart for God-knows how long. You keep receiving the marketing emails that urge you to hit that “purchase” button, but you just haven’t been able to justify spending the money all at once right now. 

With COVID, we should all be a little more intentional as to where our money goes. We get it. That’s exactly why we started allowing Affirm payments through our online shop! If you know you don’t have $39 to spare for the next few months, then don’t purchase your playpen just yet. 

We are constantly offering giveaways on our social media pages and there is ALWAYS an upcoming sale… we understand if you need to wait until all this blows offer and you get back to work. No hard feelings. ❤️

However, if you can comfortably afford the playpen but you just don’t want the full payment coming out at once, Affirm is where it's at! 

You still have the 100% money-back guarantee, too!

On every single order, we offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee within 30 days of delivery. Which means, you can set up your Affirm payments, purchase a Pop ‘N Go tent for $39, have it delivered to your door, try it out, and then ship it back if it’s not what you wanted, and get your $39 refunded! 

No matter how you purchase a playpen, you can always get a full refund, but you may be able to justify trying it out for $40 rather than $100+. (Although, we’re pretty confident you won’t want to return it either way!) 

Affirm payments say goodbye to Buyer’s Remorse! 

We wanted to create a fully-functional, high-quality product for families, so kids could be kids, and parents could feel confident in their children’s safety. We want to be able to give every family the opportunity to surprise their little one with a Pop ‘N Go Playpen. Affirm payments are a great way to ease the investment while proving the worth.

Set up your Affirm payments today!