A Pop N Go for my Cat? You’ve Got To Be Kitten

A Pop N Go for my Cat? You’ve Got To Be Kitten - The California Beach Co.

We’re most definitely not “kitten!” Dog moms aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Pop N Go Playpen! When we say the Pop N Play is pet-friendly, we mean for all pets. Read along to see how cats are becoming a loyal customer to The California Beach Co. 

A cat sitting inside the Pop N Go playpen outside

Live Long and Pawsper

Okay, sorry. We can’t help it. The puns are just too easy. In all seriousness, every pet owner wants nothing more than their fur babies to be safe and sound for as long as possible. Losing an animal is just as painful as losing a loved one. After all, they do become a member of your family. 

The Pop N Go Playpen can ensure that your cat will continue to live long and pawspurr! (That pun was even better the second time around)!

When you purchase a Pop N Go for your kitty, you can bring your kitty outside without feeling like something may happen to them. It will be such a sigh of relief to know that your cat is safe and sound in the Pop N Play, while still enjoying the outdoors. 

So, you’re saying your cat doesn’t have its very own Catio?

Ouch. I guess you’re not as crazy in love with your cat as the next cat lady. Check out this awesome setup Cat Mom, Diana H. did for her little furball.

“I use this as a catio, by putting the door up to my sliding glass door from my kitchen to deck. I did have to modify it a little to make it cat-proof. The cat could easily slip out under the sun shield, so I added grommets and laced the sunshade onto the sides. Now it’s cat-proof. My cat loves being able to go out on the deck and enjoy the sights and sounds of being outside, without being in danger of being hit by a car, or attacked by a dog.”


Why your cat needs a Pop N Go Playpen 

Pop N Go Playpens are great for any type of pet, especially small dogs and cats! Here are three reasons why your cat not only needs a Pop N Go but also, why you and your cat will love it!

1. It’s totally safe and cat-proof.

Cats can be mischievous. The Pop N Play can prevent any surprises from happening when you know they’re comfortably enclosed in their own breezy tent. Each Pop N Go is ASTM International & SGS Safety-Certified, so you can have peace of mind that they’re in a safe environment! Although this is a lightweight play yard, the hexagon structure prevents it from ever toppling over! What better way to keep an eye on your kitty while getting stuff done?

2. It’s great for travel. 

The Pop N Go is perfect for traveling! This portable playpen can be used indoors or outdoors. 

It’s extremely easy to carry from place to place. Not only is it super lightweight, but each order includes a compact fold travel bag to throw over your shoulder, as well as ground stakes to ensure stability when outdoors! Pets don’t do well knowing they’re confined. This high-quality play yard is extremely roomy which helps them to forget their inside the tent, to begin with! Just because cats can be home alone doesn’t mean they always should. I think you have a travel buddy from here on out! 

3. It will be your cat’s new favorite spot. 

Cats like to mind their own business but your cat will love their new tent so much, they’ll never want to leave it. It’s not always easy to get a cat to come out from hiding. If they know they can hang out in their Pop N Play, they’ll be much more likely to come out and play in front of other people. 

So, what do you say? Are you going to be a Cool Cat Mom
Pink Pop N Go Playpen