2020 is Finally Coming to an End: Here’s What We Should Take With Us Into 2021

2020 is Finally Coming to an End: Here’s What We Should Take With Us Into 2021 - The California Beach Co.

Let me just say, I definitely did not think back in May, when I wrote an article on bunkering down, we’d still be bunkering down. It’s been a very odd year and I know you’re probably getting countless emails and seeing endless posts on your feed regarding the near end of 2020. 

This year involved many unknowns, so it’s safe to say that 2021 may be the most anticipated year in recent history. Why does everyone get so hyped up about a new year? Why is there something magical and hopeful about going back to 1/1? 

The best part about a new year is that it suggests change. 

A new year is always exciting but after a really tough year prior, it makes it all the more special. I’m not only excited for 2021 because it means 2020 is over; I’m also excited because I feel, as a society, we are walking into a new year with more thought than we’ve ever had before. 

This year may have brought many hardships, but it also taught us a lot. 2020 was a year to remember, even though the memories may not have been so great, we can’t unknow what we now know, which I think is going to be pretty powerful for us going forward. 

What We Learned in 2020 That We Should Take With Us in 2021 

1. We now know what it’s like to be isolated. 

Hello, global shutdown?! Can you believe, in your lifetime, you experienced a global pandemic?! I seriously can’t. Although it sucks (in the during), I do think we’ll go down in history as a resilient group. We’ve seen a lot, we’ve endured a lot, and we’ve mourned together. We know what it feels like to be isolated and afraid. My hope is that we take this experience into the new year and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again. We become more mindful of the people around us. We wash our hands more frequently. We educate ourselves on what’s best for our health and most importantly, we respect one another.

2. We learned a lot about privilege. 

Black lives matter! All lives matter! Equality matters. The California Beach Co. took a stand during all the protests to advocate on behalf of all people. Through promotional photoshoots, we spread awareness on our social media. The conversations are being had and as a society, we are viewing things differently. We may have a long way to go, but 2020 helped us breakthrough. In 2021, be kind to your neighbors—ALL your neighbors, and educate yourself on equal rights. 

3. We know our voice matters. 

Um, this may be the most nutty election ever. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that your voice MATTERS. Every single one of our voices matter and we should use them for good. There was a lot of hate and judgement thrown ar0und this year. I hope in 2021, we think more before we speak. We utilize our voice only for good and to make a positive impact on society. 

Let’s be grateful for 2020. Let’s choose to walk into 2021 unified and strong. Let’s rewrite the story and make it a year that we’re proud of. Be intentional as we kick off this new year. After all, you can make all the difference. ✨

Happy New Year from The California Beach Co!