Ways To Keep Your Pup Warm When Playing Outside This Winter

Ways To Keep Your Pup Warm When Playing Outside This Winter - The California Beach Co.

No dog parent wants their furry four-legged friend to be too cold. Lucky for you, there are different steps you can take this winter to keep them warm! For a few of these tips and tricks, continue reading this article that covers multiple ways to keep your pup warm when playing outside this winter. Not only will your pup be warm, but they will be happy and safe!

Keep Them Inside

This may seem like a pretty obvious tip—it’s just here as a simple reminder! If it’s too cold outside for your dog, make sure you keep them inside. Obviously, your dog is going to have to go to the bathroom, so find a way to limit that time. If it’s too cold and the winter conditions are too harsh, it can be harmful to your pup. As such, it’s important to know when this is the case and so you can keep them inside—this will be your best course of action.

As we stated above, limiting time spent outside in the cold might be the way to go. In order to keep your pup warm and safe, one can limit the time they spend outside by paying attention to how long they’re out there and not letting it be a free-for-all. You pet parents can also join them outside (bundle up of course) and take them on a brief walk. This will give them a way to release their pent-up energy, play with you, and only be out in the cold for a very limited amount of time.

Remove Snow and Ice From Their Play Area

If your pet’s play area is covered in snow or ice, it might be best if you clear it away before you allow them to go outside. Not only will this be safer, but it will help keep your pet warm. Running through the snow or stepping on ice will only make your dog colder and provide an unsafe environment. You don’t want this to be the case!

It’s very important to check and make sure any tools you’re using to melt ice from an area are pet-friendly. You don’t want to bring harm to your pet because you didn’t double check.

Protect Their Paws

This is important! Protecting your dog’s paws will make all the difference. Not only do you want to keep their paws protected from the chemicals associated with salting sidewalks and driveways to prevent icing, but it’ll also allow them to stay somewhat warm. By purchasing booties or protective waxes for your furry friend’s paws, you’ll eliminate so many dangerous elements that come with the winter months. The absolute last thing that you want is for pet to step in harmful chemicals and ingest it when they lick their paws.

Set up a Warm and Cozy Spot

Not every day of the winter is extremely cold. With this being the case, if your dog loves the outdoors, there might be a way to keep them warm while they play outside. All you must do is set up a warm and cozy spot they can go to. This doesn’t mean your dog should be left outside in the cold elements; however, some dogs prefer to be outside. If this is your dog, consider purchasing a pet tent or similar product to create a place for them to hang out and stay warm while still being “outside.” This will allow them to be able to be in their favorite element but be too cold.

Remember, this should not be an option on days that are extremely cold! While it does help keep them warm, depending on the temperature outside it can still be harmful.

Purchase a Winter Jacket

It might seem silly, but it’s necessary—especially if your dog is a lover of the outdoors. Purchasing a winter jacket will keep them warm and allow them to run around and play outside during the winter. The best part is there are endless options out there, so you can find just the right size and design for your dog. Not only will they look absolutely adorable, but they’ll be toasty warm!

Only Play Outside During the Day

Temperatures drop at night, so let your pup play during the day. While it still might be warm, it won’t be the darkest or coldest part of the day. While your pup might want to play outdoors at night, it’s probably best if you keep their nighttime bathroom breaks as quick and short as possible!

In addition to the night being colder, there also can be harmful wildlife that comes out at night including coyotes and wolves. By limiting their time outside during the night, you are doing your part to keep them safe from these animals as well.

Take a Break From the Groomers

While you don’t have to eliminate the groomer from your schedule, do limit the number of times your dog goes. Depending on the season, dogs rely on their coat for insulation against the cold weather conditions. When you remove it at the groomers, you’re eliminating one of the ways they protect themselves during winter. Let them take care of themselves; they’re capable.

All these ideas and ways to keep your pup warm when playing outside this winter will help keep them safe and healthy! You’ll be able to let them enjoy the wonderful aspects of winter while keeping them safe and secure. These points are sure to help you achieve that title of best pet parent soon!

If it just so happens that, while you’re reading this, you happened upon some ways you haven’t tried before—wonderful! Try them out this winter. Specifically, if you’re wanting to make a cozy area for your pet in the backyard so they can enjoy their favorite part of the day whiles staying warm, you’re in luck! We have multiple different options for pet tents and playpens here at California Beach Co. that would be perfect for creating a warm and comfortable spot in your yard. Visit our website today to check out the options available before the cold weather gets here.

Ways To Keep Your Pup Warm When Playing Outside This Winter