Tips for Starting a Garden with Your Kids

Tips for Starting a Garden with Your Kids - The California Beach Co.

Spending time in nature is incredibly beneficial for you and your child. Fresh air can not only improve your mood and make you feel good but it’s actually good for your body as well. Teaching kids how to garden is a life skill that they can carry with them for years and years (and maybe even pass down to their kids one day). Today we’re offering a step-by-step guide to start gardening with your kids. ☺️👩🏽‍🌾

1. Choose a location and determine your garden style

Every garden will look a little different, depending on the size and location of your home. If you have a large yard and plan to plant your garden in the actual ground you’ll have to prep the area first. Determine where your garden will be and spend a day prepping the area by removing weeds, sticks, and any old plants. Rake the area and add some organic compost, which you can buy at your local gardening store. If you live in a smaller home or apartment and don’t have a yard, you can still start a small garden! Just get some large planters and make a potted garden. 😎

2. Start growing

For younger kids, you can have them help you start growing seedlings in small pots by planting individual seeds and moving them to the garden once they sprout. Kids will love to have their very own little pot and they will be ecstatic when they see it starting to sprout. 🌱

3. Keep up with maintenance

Make sure to water your soil immediately after starting your garden and keep it wet while the plants are small. Pay attention to any weeds or pests that are interfering with your garden and be sure to take action when necessary. Your little ones will love to help with watering the garden. ☀️💧

4. Get some kid-friendly gardening tools

Your kids will likely be super excited to participate in all of the gardening fun, but if you want to get them even more excited you can get them their very own set of gardening tools. Having their own mini-sized shovel and rake will make it easier for them to help out with planting new seeds. Plus, some kid’s gardening sets also offer fun gardening kid’s books. 📚

5. Enjoy the Harvest

Once you’ve put in the work and waited patiently, it will finally be time to harvest your garden vegetables! This will likely be so much fun for your kids and may even motivate them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Have your kids help pick any fruits and veggies they can find, be sure to wash everything off, and enjoy! 🥕🌽🥰

Set up a Pop N’ Go Playpen or Pop N’ Go Pets while gardening with your kids for a cool place to rest!