This Pop N’ Go Playpen Can Be Taken Anywhere: Here's How

This Pop N’ Go Playpen Can Be Taken Anywhere: Here's How - The California Beach Co.

The Pop N’ Go Playpen really is one of the most versatile accessories for today’s parents. If you haven’t gotten on board with this playpen yet, we’re honestly not sure what you’re waiting for! Just in case you needed even more reasons to buy this item, we wanted to share one more exciting detail with you… You can literally take the Pop N’ Go Playpen anywhere. 😱

What makes it so travel-friendly?

So you may be wondering what exactly makes the Pop N’ Go playpen just so versatile. The answer lies in it’s thoughtfully designed, travel-friendly features. 

The easiest set up known to man 

The functional design of this playpen makes it super easy to set up. It doesn’t come in multiple pieces like traditional playpens, the Pop N’ Go simply unfolds on its own, allowing you to have it fully set up in seconds. 🤯

It’s light as a feather 

The Pop N’ Go playpen weighs in at 7.2 lbs, making it easy to sling over your shoulder without feeling weighed down. We know that traveling light isn’t exactly easy after having kids, so making the Pop N’ Go playpen lightweight is the least we could do to help lighten your travel load. ✨

An included carrying case

Equipped with an included travel bag, this playpen is all ready to be thrown in the car when you and the family are heading out! Now all you’ll have to do is choose your destination… 

The playpen that will go anywhere with you

Perfect for outdoor fun, your Pop N’ Go playpen is equipped to travel just about anywhere with you and your family. Here are a few ideas of ways to get outside with your Pop N’ Go playpen.

  1. Load up the whole family and head out for a beach day. The Pop N’ Go playpen makes the perfect sunshade and even comes with an included UV cover. Younger kids can remain safe and cozy while they play in the Pop N’ Go and you can sit back and enjoy the sun. ☀️
  2. Enjoy the great outdoors with a family camping trip. Bring your Pop N’ Go along as a place for your baby to play, relax, and nap! 🏕
  3. Planning to stay in a hotel? Perfect! The Pop N’ Go playpen also functions as a travel crib, so you and your kiddos will be snoozing all night long. 😴

Wherever life takes you and your family, the Pop N’ Go playpen is ready to come along for the ride. Outdoor adventures, hotel stays, and beach days as a family have never been so simple! 🤩🙌🏼