The Perfect Daddy Daughter Play Date

The Perfect Daddy Daughter Play Date - The California Beach Co.

Daddy daughter time is so important for everyone. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of people tell you how kids grow up fast, but you don’t realize just how fast until you have kids yourself. Some changes just feel like they happen overnight. It is important to soak up every minute that you can while your baby is still your baby. Not to mention, a daddy daughter date can be the perfect opportunity for mom to get some vital time to herself. 

So, what is the best way for a dad to spend quality time with his young daughter? As a parent, you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck inside or confined to just walking down the street with the stoller, just because your little baby is still in diapers and is too young to freely roam around a park or campground. If you pack the right essentials, you can have a great, nature-filled day with your little lady in tow. 

Get Some Fresh Air With Your Pop N’ Go Playpen 

I think it goes without saying that we all can benefit from some fresh air and sunlight. It may feel challenging to find common ground with your child when they’re still in diapers, but the benefit of sunlight and fresh air is something that anyone can relate to. Taking your daughter for an activity that is outside and in nature is sure to benefit the whole family. Extra sunlight during the day means better sleep at night, and I know you’re willing to do just about anything to get some extra shut eye these days. 

Pack up your Pop N’ Go playpen and head to any outdoor destination whether you prefer a grassy park or the beach. Set up the included UV cover if you're having a hard time finding a tree to relax under, and pack a couple of blankets and pillows to keep your kiddo cozy. You’ll both get some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh air. 

Make the Most of The Time You Won’t Get Back

These diaper days really will fly by, and before you know it your little girl will be heading off to college. Make the most of these special days by planning ahead and setting up the best day dates with your little one. You don’t have to feel limited to just staying close to home, you can venture out to the great outdoors if you just make sure to pack the essentials. 😉❤️