Snuggle Up in the Pop N’ Go Playpen

Snuggle Up in the Pop N’ Go Playpen - The California Beach Co.

When looking at the variety of great features that the Pop N’ Go Playpen has to offer, many parents focus on the fact that it works perfectly for outdoor use — given that it comes equipped with a UV sun cover, weather proof material, and sturdy design. But many people don’t realize that this versatile playpen works amazingly for indoor use as well. 😱

The Pop N’ Go Playpen Makes the Perfect Snuggle Spot

It’s no secret that kiddos of all ages love the Pop N’ Go Playpen. Many kids think of the Pop N’ Go as their personal club house or fort, making it the perfect cozy spot to snuggle up and read books or play games. Not to mention, this playpen is seriously spacious so there is plenty of room for multiple siblings and even for parents to get in and hang out as well! 🤩

Our Favorite Activities to Try with the Pop N’ Go Playpen 

The Pop N’ Go Playpen works for a variety of activities — one of the many reasons why parents love it so much! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use it inside of your home:

  • As a safe spot to allow your baby to play while you exercise or get work done around the house. 😎
  • Make it cozy and snuggle up with some stories with toddlers and older kids before bedtime. 💤
  • Forget the living room fort and just set up your Pop N’ Go Playpen as a fun and cozy spot for kids to play inside on a rainy or cold day. ☺️
  • Set it up at your friend or family member's house to ensure your little one has a safe place to hang out, just in case the home isn’t baby proof. 👍🏼

How to Make the Pop N’ Go Extra Cozy

The Pop N’ Go Playpen may be super cozy on its own, but we’ve got a few inside tips to help you make yours even more cozy. 😉

Pair it with a self-inflating mattress and mattress cover to add a soft foundation for you and your kiddos. Our mattress covers are made from a super soft, natural bamboo material that little ones love. 🥰

Grab some pillows and blankets for older kids to make your Pop N’ Go extra cozy... They may even want to doze off for a nap. 🙌🏼

Have you heard of the Voyager Travel Pillow yet? This travel-friendly pillow pairs perfectly with the Pop N’ Go and you can even take it on the go! 🤗✨